The Positron Generator is a ship part in Pikmin for the Nintendo GameCube. It is found in The Impact Site, the first stage in the game. You need all three types of Pikmin to get it.

How to Get

Grab at least three Yellow Pikmin and use their Bomb Rocks to brake the stone walls. After that brake the regular bridge to the left of the Pearly Clam Clamp. Then kill the pearly calm clamp with the ship part, with Blue Pikmin. Then after defeating it, then take the ship part to the S.S. Dolphin, this needs twenty Pikmin to carry it. Try to get this before the eighth day, because a mamuta or Goolix will appear on the tree stump after the eighth day.


"By combining its batteries with solar cells, this machine can generate incredible amounts of electricity. What a timely find! Those Instant Space Noodles will be better heated up. This Electric generator is so powerful that if you approach it carelessly you'll get an electric shock!"

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