What is a Mii?[]

A Mii is a customizable virtual avatar used on several Nintendo video game console and mobile apps. Miis were first introduced on the Wii and later appeared on the Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, and various Nintendo apps for smart devices.

Miis can be used as characters within games on the consoles, either as an avatar of a specific player (such as in the Wii series), create/represente yourself as a Mii, or in the case of certain games (such as Tomodachi Life and Miitopia ). Some games involved Miis and allowed the players to play as Miis of their choice.

Nintendo Miis

Wii Mii editor


Miis made their first appearance on the Wii in 2006. The Wii came with an app called Mii Maker where players could create their own Miis. Players got to choose one main Mii that represented them. They can make changes to their main Mii and they can switch their main Mii whenever they want. When the player is in the lobby, they are able to see their main Mii in the middle of the lobby representing them. Players could also mark certain Miis as favorites. Miis were used in games like Nintendoland, Wii Sports, and Wii Party. Some other games also decided to involve Miis while other games used the name of the player's main Mii as the character's username for the game. Soon after, the updated variation of the Wii U launched and Miis were still used the same ways. The Wii and Wii U could hold up to 3000 different Miis.


The 3DS also had its own Mii system. It had a Mii maker that could hold up to 100 Miis. The customization was similar to the Mii customization on the Wii. There was also an application called Mii Plaza which was a game where players could interact with other players' main Miis. There were also some games where players could use Miis of their choice as characters or to play as.


On the Switch, Miis were not as involved. Players could make multiple profiles on one switch so that maybe family members or friends could have their own profiles. Players are given a choice for the photo that is used for their profile. They can pick from a list of assorted photos of Nintendo characters, or they can create a Mii to represent their profile photo. The player will have a chance to customize their own Mii, and choose the pose of the Mii and the background color of the photo. The customization is much better than the customization on the other two devices considering that there is much more variety in colors for hair, skin, eyes, clothing, and more. On the Wii U and 3DS, only natural hair and eye colors were available, but on the Switch, there is an insanely wide color spectrum. There are also more hairstyles, eyeshapes, and more.