For the Game & Watch video game, see Popeye (Game & Watch).

Popeye(JP) is a 1982 video game developed by Nintendo R&D1 and originally released in arcades. The game is a platformer in a similar vein to Donkey Kong, which was also developed by R&D1. Interestingly, Shigeru Miyamoto originally wanted Donkey Kong to feature the characters from the third-party franchise, Popeye, though Nintendo couldn't receive the license to do so. However, after the success of the game, it was understandable that they would be given the right to create a game based off of the property. A Famicom port of the game was released alongside the console, and years later the game would be released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in America.




When developing Popeye, Shigeru Miyamoto would watch the cartoon, stop frame by frame, and draw each frame by himself to assist him in developing the game and designing the graphics.


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