Pompy, often referred to as Pompy, the Presumptuous is the boss of the Lost Mangroves area in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, appearing in the level Big Top Bop. Like all the bosses in the game, Skowl is a high ranking member of the Snowmads.

Physical description

Pompy is a sea lion with prominent whiskers, and wears a helmet with two spikes. He has two wristbands on his hands, and a collar with the Snowmad symbol on his neck. The Kongs encounter him inside a circus tent, where a battle between them follows.


Pompy is very playful, cocky, and quite a showoff, enjoying doing flips and tricks. However, he can be quite aggressive as shown in his fight with the Kongs.


Pompy makes his entrance, diving into his half pipe. After a few loops, he lands on the end opposite of Kongs. Amused at their readiness to battle him, he has his Tuck underlings shove his challengers into the half pipe (presumably to give him an advantage) before preparing to fight.


Pompy attacks mainly by diving at the Kongs, which they can counter by jumping on his back. When hit, he escapes into the water and starts throwing enemies at the Kongs: usually Green Finleys, but can also be Gordos or Sea Urchins in later stages of the fight. Afterward, he jumps back onto the stage, giving the Kongs an opportunity for attack. For every three hits that he takes, Pompy alters his attack plan (and gradually changes color) and starts rolling across the arena, requiring the Kongs to have to evade his attacks longer until Pompy starts sliding like normal again. During the second phase, Pompy will call upon Big Sphens to either dive at the Kongs with him as an extra obstacle or dive at the Kongs while Pompy waits in the water. During the third phase, Pompy will also roll and jump onto the battlefield, which stuns him for a few seconds once he lands. Pompy is defeated once he takes a total of nine hits. On the last hit, the Kongs instantly get a chance to launch a no-holds-barred-beatdown on Pompy, in which results in sending him flying.


Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Trophy

Name Image Appears in Description
Pompy, the Presumptuous
Wii U Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (02/2014) This large sea lion from Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is one of the Snowmad higher-ups...not to mention the ringleader of his own circus! DK and friends tussle with him in Lost Mangroves, where he attacks by sliding along the ground, leaping through the air, and generally showing off his circus skills.


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