The Polar Bear is an enemy in the video game Ice Climber. It's named after the polar bear He wears sunglasses and a pink bathing suit for unknown reasons. When being in one place for too long, He appears to speed things up.

When he appears, he will always appear on the highest visible stage, the camera will move up a stage, regardless of whether you do. Even whacking it with a hammer will not prevent the stage from rising. If you are on the bottom stage, you will reappear on the lowest non-cloud stage.

Unlike other enemies, touching a Polar Bear does not cause you to loose a life. It will simply shove you if you are in front of it. Like other enemies, whacking it with a hammer will negate any effects of touching it. A Polar Bear will turn around after reaching its first gap, but will fall through the second gap it finds.

A Polar Bear will never appear after reaching the eighth level of a mountain.

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