Pokétsume: Pack Your Pocket With Adventure, commonly and simply known as Pokétsume, is an original live-action drama series based on the Pokémon series. The series stars Nanase Nishino as Madoka Akagi. The series premiered on October 20, 2023, and ended on December 22, 2023. The series consists of 10 episodes.

It aired on TV Tokyo in Japan during the Moku Dra 24 timeslot on Fridays at 12:30 AM. In Taiwan, the show is being released on the streaming platform KKTV on October 31, 2023. In South Korea, the show was aired on channelW on November 9, 2023.

The series was announced on August 30, 2023. A 100-second trailer was posted on the official Twitter account on October 5, 2023.[1]


Madoka Akagi grew up in Mashiro, a port town in the Kanto region. After graduating from a local university, she worked for a kamaboko maker, but changed jobs to work for ADventure, a small advertising agency in Tokyo, to become a creator, which she had longed to be since her school days. Madoka moved to Tokyo to pursue her dream, but reality was not so sweet. The glittering world she had imagined was not what she had in mind. In addition, she ends up taking on a presentation that holds the fate of the company in its hands. Then, Madoka receives a package from her mother. In it is a Game Boy and Pokémon Red cartridge that she used to play as a child. She starts playing Pokemon Red for the first time in 20 years.


  • Nanase Nishino as Madoka Akagi
  • Sho Kasamatsu as Kageaki Hiyama
  • Tomoharu Hasegawa as Kazuchika Kogusuri
  • Aya Hirano as Yoko Meguro
  • Ryo Sekoguchi as Yuki Koide
  • Towa Watanabe as Sora Toshiaki
  • Muga Tsukaji as Koichi Yadoya
  • Rio Uchida as Midori Kudo
  • Eriko Sato as Masako
  • Toshiro Yanagiba as Yukinari Okido


  1. It's Super Effective!
  2. It Won't Obey!
  3. Koide the Magikarp.
  4. Kangaskhan and Mr. Kogusuri
  5. Snorlax Geezer used Block
  6. What?! Hiyama is evolving!
  7. Be gone...Intruders...
  8. Ms. Meguro used Fire Blast!
  9. A Rival's Existence
  10. Pack Your Pocket With Adventure



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  • Based on: The Pokémon video game series
  • Planning: Shota Hatanaka
  • Screenplay by: Shota Hatanaka, Atsuki Tomori and Tomohiro Otoshi
  • Directors: Paul Young, Takayuki Hayashi and Takeshi Matsuura
  • Producers: Koichi Urushima, Ayaka Masai and Hideyuki Wakuta
  • Production: TV Tokyo and C&I entertainment
  • Executive Production & Writing: Pack Your Pocket With Adventure Production Committee


  • Not counting variety and game shows or the live-action portion of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, Pokétsume is the first live-action series based on a Nintendo game.
  • Six of the cast members of the series are involved in Japanese tokusatsu: Nanase Nishino who played Hiromi in Shin Kamen Rider, Rio Uchida who played Kiriko in Kamen Rider Drive, Tomoharu Hasegawa who played Kamen Rider Ginpen in Kamen Rider Geats and Ryo Sekoguchi who played Stacy/Stacaesar in Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger. Two guest characters Erika Kusano is played by Haruka Kudo, who played Umika Hayami/Lupin Yellow in Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, while Sakaki Saburo is played by Renn Kiriyama, who played Shotaro Hidari/Kamen Rider W in Kamen Rider W.
  • Aya Hirano had previously involved with Nintendo as the Japanese voice actor of Boreas in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Botan in Dragalia Lost.

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