Pokémon Snap Station kiosk.

Pokémon Snap Stadium card.

The Pokémon Snap Stations were a Nintendo marketing campaign in which owners of Pokémon Snap and Pokémon Stadium could bring their own game cartridges to a retail store and print a sheet of 16 stickers featuring the photos they'd taken. Nintendo partnered with Blockbuster in North America, Lawson in Japan, and Toys "R" Us and Myer in Australia for the promotion.

This station was a kiosk found at most Blockbuster Video stores which allowed players to print out their photos taken from Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Stadium.

It was a modified Nintendo 64 kiosk with an additional slot for the player's cartridge as well as a printer and a slot for the player's snap station card which the player loaded credit on to print the photos. The station also featured a demo of the Pokemon Snap for store patrons to play.

The product would be 4 sets of four photos of the selected character as full color stickers about the size of a postage stamp. Stadium players also had the option of getting 16 different stickers as well. The cost was $3 a sheet.

The player would first play the game at home and save the photos. Next, they brought their cartridge or memory card into Blockbuster and paid for a snap station card with credit on it. The cartridge would be inserted into the slot on the snap station along with the snap station card.

They'd be then prompted to select which photos they want printed, and then the station would produce a sheet of stickers.

This project was introduced in November of 1999 in North America and lasted about a year.

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