Pokémon Snap is a video game for the Nintendo 64 released in 1999, and was developed by HAL Laboratory. In the game, a young lad, usually called either "Todd" or "Snap", takes a vehicle, and goes across an on-rails track where you must take pictures of multiple different Pokémon species. Sadly you can only take sixty pictures per course. After you have completed the course, you must show Professor Oak the photos, and he will rate the picture depending how well it was taken.

There are a total of 63 Pokémon. The number of Pokémon was widely criticized, because at the time there were 151 Pokémon, which means they could have added 88 more in there, or even created more Pokémon species.

Pokémon Included

*Only in beta version.

See also Pokémon Snap Station for info on printing.


There are six different Pokémon signs in Pokémon Snap. Finding all these signs unlocks the level where Mew is found.



  • Early screenshots and beta footage of the game suggest that Ekans would've appeared in the game making the total Pokémon count be 64 instead of 63. This is thought to have been a possible reference to the Nintendo 64.

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