Pokémon Rumble World (JP) is a free-to-play game for the 3DS and the fourth entry in the Pokémon Rumble series. This is the first entry to include 720 Pokémon and Mega Evolution. A retail release in Japan in November 2015 included 3000 gems essentially making the game require no microtransactions.


The main gameplay is essentially the same as other Pokémon Rumble games. The Pokémon have only two attacks and at certain chances, the defeated Pokémon become collectible. Having more kinds of Pokémon lets the player rank up which enables the player to travel further.


The game's navigation is somewhat unique. Traveling to a location requires a balloon and that location is divided into a few dungeons. The dungeons then have different versions with greater stars tending to have the better Pokémon and 3 stars having a legendary as the boss.

  • Leafy Expanse
  • Dewdrop Bay
  • Ember Mountain
  • Ruby Volcano
  • Sapphire Sea
  • Gold Plateau
  • Silver Isles
  • Diamond Crater
  • Pearl Marsh
  • Black Realm
  • White Ruins
  • Fairy Land
  • Dark Land
  • Origin Hideaway
  • Starlight Islands
  • Distortion Land
  • Plasma Tundra
  • Legend Terrain
  • Changing Land

Changing Land is composed of other lands that the player has not collected all the Pokémon of yet. It gives priority to the lower costing lands, but it can go to a place the player hasn't collected a balloon for.

King's Challenges

As the player progresses, he will unlock missions from the king, either from waiting a day or collecting the prerequisite number of Pokémon. These get harder as the game goes on, but are the main way of unlocking free PokéDiamonds.


As the player plays Pokémon Rumble World, he will be an adventurer. Every adventurer comes with its profile. It's where you view you're data so far.

Here's an example:



The main medium of spending is the PokéDiamonds. The player normally gets PokéDiamonds as they play the game and through Streetpass, but the main way is to purchase them. Jewels can be used to reinflate the balloon instantaneously, buy other balloons to go to different locations and buy certain Extras

Exchange Rate

  • 50 PokéDiamonds - $0.69
  • 100 PokéDiamonds - $1.29
  • 200 PokéDiamonds - $2.39
  • 500 PokéDiamonds - $5.49
  • 1000 PokéDiamonds - $9.99
  • 1750 PokéDiamonds - $15.99




The game was received poorly, mainly due to it being heavily based on chance for progression and the gameplay being pretty grindy. Several late game challenges are nearly impossible to beat. On Metacritic, Pokémon Rumble World received "mixed or average" reviews getting a metascore of 58/100 based on 16 critic reviews.[1]


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