Pokémon Rumble U (JP) is the third game in the Pokémon Rumble series which is a beat 'em up spinoff of the Pokémon series. It is also the first entry on the Wii U. It also uses a set of NFC figures for special Pokemon.


After a mishap in the Toy Pokémon Shop, a few Pokémon capsules are swept down a river and washed up on a strange riverbank. Our heroes set out to find their way back to the Toy Pokémon Shop. Along the way our heroes discover all is not right.


It plays pretty similar to earlier entries in the series. The game is playable up to 4 players. Each player chooses a Toy Pokémon which has two attacks and sometimes a special trait. The players start with a small collection of Toy Pokémon but gradually befriends more by beating them in combat. As Toy Pokémon can't level up, you need to constantly switch out your party to be the best you can. There are all the Pokemon from Generations I to V in here to collect.

GamePad Functionality

The game supports Off-TV play but also has touch screen functions. Touching enemies pauses them for a moment and the Gamepad player can collect coins or disable traps simply by touching them. It also does minor damage to antagonistic obstacles. The biggest feature is that after the team racks up 10 gems from combos, the player can do a Touch Bomb which takes away 1/2 of the health of enemy Toy Pokémon on impact. You can do multiple bombs in the time limit which wipes out the area of Pokemon. However, no coins, gems or Toy Pokémon are gained from this.

NFC figures

The NFC figures serve as special Toy Pokémon that level up as you play with them using the money earned in the levels. In total, there are 18 figures and were exclusive by GameStop in America and GAME in United Kingdom.

In addition, there were 3 Pokemon with rare shiny versions. They were:

  • Pikachu
  • Eevee
  • Genesect