Pokémon Red Version (JP) and Pokémon Green Version (JP) are role-playing games for the Game Boy. The two games were released in Japan in February of 1996. The mascot of Green version is Venusaur while Charizard is the mascot of Red. The games were remade for Western audiences as Pokémon Red and Blue. Another remake was made titled Pokémon Blue for Japanese audiences only. These are the first Pokémon games that ever came out and set the basis for all that came after, including the anime.

Differences from English version

The wild and trade Pokémon of the English Pokémon Blue are based on those of the Japanese Pokémon Green. For example, in Pokémon Blue, a trainer can trade a Poliwhirl for a Jynx, just as in Pokémon Green.

Unfortunately, these games were followed by many bootleg copies, which unsuspecting buyers would purchase in hopes they had finally found an ultra rare game or a beta version.

Virtual Console

The Virtual Console version launched on the 20th anniversary. It uses wireless communication for trading.