Pokémon Puzzle Collection is a Pokémon mini video game released in 2001. The game is similar to the Game Boy Color game Pokémon Puzzle Challenge. The basic concept of the game is similar to that of Pokémon Party mini. All of the games within the collection are puzzles, and the type of puzzle will vary depending on which mode you're playing. A successor to this game, titled Pokémon Puzzle Collection 2, was released exclusively in Japan.


There are eighty different puzzles within the game. As you progress, the puzzles will increase in difficulty. All of the games in the collection have a Pokémon theme. For example, the Shadow Puzzles will have players making images of Pokémon using tiles that are given to them, while in Power On you'll have to think tactically in order to connect Pikachu to a light bulb in order to light it up.

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