Pokémon Picross is a free-to-start game for the Nintendo 3DS released in early December 2015. It is a Pokémon-themed nonagram game with each Picross puzzle being of a Pokémon or another form of a Pokémon. There are over 300 puzzles at launch.


Players having to solve a puzzle by following the numbers on the left and top indicating how many spots are that are in each row and column respectively. Players can also bring support Pokémon to make the puzzle easier.

Picrites is the form of currency to unlock areas. Players can obtain them by beating puzzles. These have a cap of when purchased, that if a player buys enough, the energy meter is made infinite and no more purchases are needed to continue playing at any pace.



The developers of this game, Jupiter Corporation, had previously worked on an unreleased Game Boy game also titled Pokémon Picross. Screenshots and promotional art for the game were revealed to the public in Spring 1999, but the project was eventually cancelled.

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