These are the credits for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.



Character Art Director

3D Art Director

Program Director

Planning Director


Pokémon Concept

Field System Programming

Battle&Contest System Programming

UI System Programming

Network Programming

Pokémon Draw Programming

Pokémon Characters Design

Trainer Graphics Design

Illustration Support

3D Map Graphics

Character Modeling

Digital Movie Design
Character Motion Design

Effect Design

UI Graphic Design

Concept Illustration


Pokémon Voice Design

Sound Effects

Sound Management

Game Battle & Contest System Design

Network System Game Design
Secret Base Game Design

Game UI System Design

Game Dialogue Design

Game Text Localization Support

Game Action Script Design

Game Map Design

Trainer Character Concept

Game Design Balancing

Pokémon 3D Modeling

Pokémon Character Modeling

Lead Technical Artist

Pokémon Character Motion

Pikachu Voice

Localization Engineering

English Localization

English Translation

English Editing

European Localisation

French Translation

French Editing

German Translation

German Editing

Italian Translation

Italian Editing

Spanish Translation

Spanish Editing

Korean Translation & Editing

English & European Graphic Design

English & European Localization Support

NOA Localization Support

NOE Localisation Support

Korean Localization Support

NOK Localization Support

Localization Special Thanks

Technical Support

Server Development

Pokémon Global Link

Debug Management


NOA Product Testing

NOE QA Coordination

NOE Quality Assurance

NOK Testing & Quality Assurance

Special Thanks

Concept & Plot

Based on the work of


Artwork Support

Manual Editing

Information Coordinators


Produced by

Executive Producers

Developed by

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