Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time (JP) and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness (JP) are both the second installments of the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series. Like the first games, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team, you, a human, one day transform into a Pokémon and are transported to a world inhabited only by Pokémon. You are then thrown into an adventure with your partner Pokémon to go through dungeons, fight Pokémon, and discover why you have became a Pokémon in the first place. The theme in this installment is "exploration". It contains all the Pokémon through the fourth generation except Arceus.


Pokémon Mystery Dungeon plays like most rogue-like games in that the player leads a team through a dungeon organized into floors. It incorporates Pokémon features into this framework with the stats from the main game aside from speed influencing Pokémon attacks and defense as well as the type match-ups system though attacks that do not work in the normal games do inflict damage. The Pokémon also have a basic attack that deals some damage and the ability to throw or use items.

Clearing new dungeons tends to unlock story content, but most of the game is doing quests to level the team and acquire items and funds to progress. Quests have the team go back into a dungeon and complete a certain task detailed by the quest posted on the board. They include a wide variety of task like rescue, defeat, deliver an item and escort.

Occasionally, defeating enemies will cause them to want to join your team. This incorporates the catch 'em all part of the franchise. Different dungeons have different Pokémon available.


Starter Pokémon

Here is a list of the Pokémon starters:

Pokémon Type Number Information
Evolution line
PKMN001.png Bulbasaur Grass 001 This Pokémon is the first in the Pokémon series. It is a grass type of Pokémon with a bulb that grows into a flower as it evolves. PKMN002.png PKMN003.png
PKMN004.png Charmander Fire 004 Charmander is a lizard-like Pokémon that has powerful fire abilities. If his fire tip on his tail burns out, he will die. PKMN005.png PKMN006.png
PKMN007.png Squirtle Water 007 Squirtle is a water type Pokémon with a curly tail and a hard shell. However, it's shell is actually soft when it is first born. PKMN008.png PKMN009.png
PKMN025.png Pikachu Electric 025 This electric mouse is one of the starters in Mystery Dungeon.
PKMN152.png Chikorita Grass 152 Chikorita is a grass type. Its leaf gives off a sweet scent that attracts Pokémon . It is usually well-liked for this. PKMN153.png PKMN154.png
PKMN155.png Cyndaquil Fire 155 Cyndaquil is a fire type. It is usually calm and quiet, but when angered or excited, flames shoot from its back. PKMN156.png PKMN157.png
PKMN158.png Totodile Water 158 Totodile is a water type. It has many sharp teeth. If it ever loses one, it will grow right back. PKMN159.png PKMN160.png
PKMN252.png Treecko Grass 252 Treecko is a grass type. It is a small gecko Pokémon and is often spotted relaxing or training. PKMN253.png PKMN254.png
PKMN255.png Torchic Fire 255 Torchic is a fire Pokémon. It is too young to use its arms or legs effectively, however, it can spit out burning hot flames.

PKMN256.png PKMN257.png
PKMN258.png Mudkip Water 258 Mudkip is a water type. It loves burying in the mud. The fin ontop of its head can sense water. PKMN259.png PKMN260.png
PKMN387.png Turtwig Grass 387 A grass type of Pokémon that gains a ground type once evolved, it looks similer to a snapping turtle. It has a seed on its head, a green and yellow body, and a soil based shell on its back. PKMN388.png PKMN389.png
PKMN390.png Chimchar Fire 390 A fire type of Pokémon that gains a fighting type once evolved, it has a monkey like apperence and can produce fire on his or her tail like Charmander. PKMN391.png PKMN392.png
PKMN393.png Piplup Water 393 A water type that gains a steel type once evolved, Piplup is like a tiny penguin. They all think of themselves as the best of their kind. PKMN394.png PKMN395.png


Chapter 1: A Storm at Sea

After the quiz, the Pokémon that was chosen for you is lying on the beach unconscious for now.

Meanwhile, the Pokémon that you chose as your partner is in front of a large Wigglytuff shaped building. It is deciding wheather to go in or not. He tries, but backs away. In his falure, he heads to the beach. A Koffing and a Zubat appear from there hiding place and follow it.

Your partner notices you on the beach. He rushes to help; you wake up and, as explained above, you have no idea whats going on. Then, the Koffing and Zubat come by and knock off your partner and steal his item. Go into Beach cave to fight them.

Get to the end and fight them for the item back. Your partner will thank you for getting his item, and offer to join a rescue team with you. Since you don't have any where else to go, accept.

Chapter 2: The Guild's New Recruits

Your partner shows you to the building it were at earlier. After the sentry lets you in, you will talk to a Chatot. It will ask you to leave before you say you want to be an exploration team. He will show you to Wigglytuff, the guild master. He will start your team (choose a team name) and give you your equipment: Team Badges, one for each of you, a wonder map, displaying the entire world, and a bow (Depending on your aura).

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