Pokémon Masters (JP) is a Pokémon spin-off released on Mobile on August 29, 2019. It allows the player to battle various Pokémon Trainers from the mainline series of games.


The game takes place in a region called Pasio, which is an artificial island. Various Pokémon trainers come to Pasio to compete in the Pokémon Masters League. The player starts with a Pikachu as they recruit other trainers to take on the league.


Unlike most Pokémon games, battles in Pokémon Masters are fought exclusively in three vs. three battles, with the player teaming up with two other trainers to battle a group of three. Battles are fought in real time, with trainers attacking only if the Move Gauge is full enough. The Move Gauge fills as time passes. Trainers can also perform moves known as Sync Moves, which are similar to the Z-Moves found in Pokémon Sun and Moon. Trainers in this game also have their own moves.

Each trainer has one Pokémon used in battle. The pairs of trainer and Pokémon are known as Sync Pairs.

Sync Pairs

(Note: The Pokémon listed is the one that the trainer starts out with.)

Trainer Pokémon Base Potential
Player Character (Default name Scottie or Bettie) Pikachu ★★★
Acerola Palossand ★★★★★
Agatha Gengar ★★★★
Barry Piplup ★★★
Blaine Ponyta ★★★★
Blue Pidgeot ★★★★★
Brawly Makuhita ★★★
Brendan Treecko ★★★★★
Brock Onix ★★★
Brock (Sygna Suit) Tyranitar ★★★
Bruno Machamp ★★★★
Brycen Cryogonal ★★★
Bugsy Beedrill ★★★
Candice Abomasnow ★★★
Cheren Stoutland ★★★★★
Cheryl Blissey ★★★
Clair Kingdra ★★★★
Clay Palpitoad ★★★
Crasher Wake Floatzel ★★★
Drake Salamence ★★★★
Erika Vileplume ★★★
Flannery Torkoal ★★★
Flint Infernape ★★★★
Gardenia Roserade ★★★★
Grant Amaura ★★★★
Hapu Mudsdale ★★★
Hau Alolan Raichu ★★★★
Iris Haxorus ★★★
Janine Ariados ★★★
Kahili Toucannon ★★★★
Karen Houndoom ★★★★★
Koga Crobat ★★★★
Korrina Lucario ★★★
Kris Totodile ★★★★★
Liza Lunatone ★★★
Lorelei Lapras ★★★★
Lt. Surge Voltorb ★★★
Lyra Chikorita ★★★★★
Marley Arcanine ★★★
Marlon Carracosta ★★★
Marshal Conkeldurr ★★★★
Maylene Meditite ★★★
Mina Granbull ★★★
Misty Starmie ★★★
Nanu Alolan Persian ★★★★
Noland Pinsir ★★★★
Norman Slaking ★★★
Olivia Lycanroc (Midnight Forme) ★★★★★
Phoebe Dusclops ★★★★★
Pryce Seel ★★★
Ramos Weepinbell ★★★
Roark Cranidos ★★★
Rosa Snivy ★★★★★
Roxanne Nosepass ★★★
Roxie Whirlipede ★★★★
Shauntal Chandelure ★★★★
Siebold Clawitzer ★★★★
Skyla Swanna ★★★
Sophocles Togedemaru ★★★★
Tate Solrock ★★★
Thorton Bronzong ★★★★
Viola Surskit ★★★★
Whitney Miltank ★★★★
Wikstrom Aegislash ★★★★
Will Xatu ★★★★
Winona Pelipper ★★★
Wulfric Avalugg ★★★

In addition, the following characters have been seen in promotional material for the game or in the game itself, but they are not currently playable.

Trainer Pokémon (if any) Base Potential (If any listed)
Caitlin Reuniclus
Cynthia Garchomp ★★★★★
Diantha Gardevoir ★★★★★
Elesa Zebstrika
Grimsley Liepard
Hilbert Oshawott ★★★★★
Hilda Tepig ★★★★★
Lance Dragonite
Professor Kukui Lycanroc (Midday Forme)
Professor Oak
Professor Sycamore
Red Charizard ★★★★★
Steven Salamence


Pokémon Masters was initially revealed during the Pokémon 2019 Press Conference, which took place on May 29, 2019. More info was revealed on June 27 in a livesteam.

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