Pokémon Dash(JP) is a Nintendo DS racing video game by Nintendo and Ambrella. In the game, you play as Pikachu and use the touch screen you race through different levels against other Pokémon. In the more difficult levels, the player can use a hot air balloon to move to different parts of the map during the race. Putting a Game Boy Advance Pokémon game into Slot 2 in the DS will allow players to play special courses designed after the Pokémon in their party on the GBA game.


Dash is a top-down perspective racing video game in which the player uses a stylus to control a Pikachu and race through checkpoints. After players have passed all of the checkpoints in order, the course is completed. The stylus is used by moving the stylus in the direction the player wants Pikachu to run. Along with racing on the ground, there are races in the sky using balloons. There are many different terrains such as mazestone paths, forests, beaches, water, swamp, and lava pools. Throughout the courses are power ups which allow the player to run on different terrains without slowing down. Dash also features a training cup, which is given to players starting the game for the first time. After completing the training cup, the player has the chance to play in the Grand Prix Mode. There are five main cups to compete in GP mode. Dash also offers harder GP modes that can be unlocked, which put the player against a faster level of Pokémon. Each cup has five courses within its area.


Dash was developed for the Nintendo DS by Ambrella, who also developed Hey You, Pikachu! and Pokémon Channel. It was first revealed October 7, 2004, as a launch title for Japan. Dash was released in Japan on December 2, 2004; Europe on March 11, 2005; North America on March 13, 2005; and Australia April 7, 2005. Before the North American release, The Pokémon Center had pre-order deals which included key chains and DS carrying pouches.


The game has received mostly negative reviews from critics. Its current Metacritic score is 46/100, suggesting a "generally unfavorable" consensus among video game reviewers. GamePro rewarded the game with a 3.5 out of 5, saying that while the game does have its share of problems, it should be a "good kid-pleaser". IGN noted that many of the game's features "hinder the experience than make it a fun one." Modojo wrote a highly negative review, saying "It's frustratingly difficult and mind-numbingly boring, and only the most jaded Pokemon fan will enjoy it."