Pokémon Battrio is an arcade title released exclusively in Japan. The only Pokémon arcade game, Battrio featured a unique cell-shaded style coupled with gameplay that fans of the series would be unfamiliar with. The game requires the use of chips that can be purchased, each one containing a different Pokémon. Players will battle their Pokémon by placing the chips on a 4x4 grid. Placing the Pokémon closer within the circle of the grid will cause that Pokémon to attack, while those on the outside will have to wait. All of the Pokémon share the same health, unlike the RPG titles released on handhelds.


The arcade features a 4x4 green grid with a circle stationed in the middle of it. The player can place three of his chips that he's purchased on the grid, but no more than that. All of the three Pokémon share the same health, so when one Pokémon is defeated, they all are. Pokémon that are near the center will attack. Attacking is turn based, and animations of the Pokémon battling will be shown on the arcade's screen. So far there are only 36 different chips available, and its unknown if Nintendo will release more. Pokémon consists of fan favorites like Pikachu, Eevee, and Meowth, and many species from the fourth generation of games, including legendaries and starters (as well as their final forms).

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