Ash and Friends

The series' protagonist, Ash Ketchum, with his Pikachu and his original companions, Misty and Brock.

Pokémon is a series of anime cartoons based on the phenomenally popular Pokémon series of games. It stars Ash Ketchum as he strives to become the "ultimate Pokémon master".


  • Ash Ketchum - the protagonist. His main Pokémon is Pikachu, but has caught several other species.
  • Brock - a former gym leader in Pewter City. Is noted for his lack of visible eyes. Tends to fall in love with every cute girl he sees, particularly Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny. Specializes in the rock type and is very wise and acts as Ash's advisor.
  • Misty - a former gym leader from Cerulean City, specializing in water types, is the hotheaded member of the group. Her sisters run the Cerulean gym. Psyduck chose to go into one of her Pokeballs, much to her dismay.
  • Team Rocket - an evil society of Pokémon thieves. The most commonly seen are the bumbling Jessie and James, who are easily foiled. They are accompanied by Meowth, who strangely can talk.
  • Giovanni - the diabolical and greedy leader of Team Rocket


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