Pneuma is a legendary Blade in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. She has the power to grant tremendous power to her Driver named Rex. She and Rex embark on a journey to search for her long-lost home, Elysium. She can take the form of a Blade named Pyra (JP) or a Blade named Mythra (JP).

It is said that she is immortal and has the ability to recover from injuries quickly. However, she can die if the core on her chest is destroyed. After linking her life to Rex, she will die if he dies. She is one of the three Aegises, three legendary Blades who were granted the power to manipulate Ether and alternate reality by their creator, The Architect. She was once one of the two major forces who fought during the Aegis War, 500 years before Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and is the one who sank Torna and Malos into the Cloud Sea.

In 2021 it was announced that Pyra and Mythra would appear as playable fighters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as DLC fighters. They were then made available during March 2021.


Era of Humanity

An image of the trinity Processor, which once held the three Aegis Cores.

Pneuma was originally created by Humans as one of the three cores of the Trinity Processor alongside Ontos and Logos. Those three cores were used to control and channel The Conduit, thus granting all three of the cores infinite power. The three cores were raised in VR and developed basic personalities that helped influence their judgement. The three cores were placed in control of the First Low Orbit Station, Rhadamanthus where they used their basic personality to create Artifices as a mean of defense for the station. Eventually, Klaus is sent working on the station and during a desperate battle against the Saviorite Rebels, Klaus hijacks the Trinity Processor and the Conduit to use its power to change the universe. In the process he wrecks Earth, send a lot of people and objects to alternate dimensions including half of himself, and create the Xenoblade Chronicles universe. Klaus is left with the three cores and in the aftermath, Ontos triggers a space time transition event during which he transported himself to the universe of Xenoblade Chronicles.

Prelude to the Aegis War

The cores of Logos and Pneuma brought back from Elysium by Amalthus.

The Architect was left with Logos and Pneuma and entrusted them with the duty of managing the Blades he had created as a failsafe against the apparition of someone like him. However, Amalthus arrived in Elysium over a year before the start of the Aegis War and stole the two remaining cores. When he came back to Alrest, he awoke Logos who manifested itself as Malos. Since Amalthus was Malos' Driver, Amalthus' despair and disgust rubbed on Malos' personality and transformed him into a being that had for sole purpose the destruction of the world and all sentient beings that Amalthus had grown to hate for their hubris and selfishness. Soon after Malos took on the title of Aegis after destroying the original Aegis, which was a treasure of the Indoline Preatorium, and then left Amalthus to ravage the world. Falling further away from the graces of Praetor Rhadallis, Amalthus took Pneuma and decided to look for someone who could use her to destroy Malos thus starting the Aegis War.

Chasing Malos

As Malos was ravaging the world, Amalthus eventually made his way to the Kingdom of Torna where one year before the events of Torna ~ The Golden Country, he met with the royal family. After high prince Zettar, the brother of the Tornan King, failed to awaken Pneuma, it was done by Addam Origo, a bastard of the king. Pneuma manifested herself as Mythra as Addam didn't have the potential to unlock her full power. Mythra was originally very cynical and distrusted humanity but started to open up as she traveled with Addam. The duo chased Malos for a year destroying his Gargoyles, which ravaged multiple Titans all over Alrest. We know that one such battle took place in the future Kingdom of Tantal and left scar on the environment for over 500 years. Judicium, an advanced civilization living on Temperentia was also wiped out. During that time, Addam gathered an army of followers, which were stationed in the Kingdom of Uraya with the blessing of the Urayan King. During that time, Addam was also followed by Milton, a young kid serving as one of his retainers.

Closing days of the Aegis War

The fight between the Aegises.

The main fighting of the Aegis War started when Malos used his Artifice Siren to completely destroy the nation of Coeia in the year 3564 under the guise of a joint assault on the country by the Empire of Mor Ardain and the Indoline Praetorium. Afterwards, Addam and Mythra traveled back to Torna where they encountered Jin and Lora who were in trouble after running into one of Malos' Gargoyles. Addam recognized Jin as the Paragon of Torna, a royal treasure, which had been stolen by Gort 17 years beforehand. Addam and Mythra played the role of agents of the royal family and fought with the duo as if they were trying to get Jin back. After Addam was impressed enough by their fighting style, he stopped the fight and revealed his ruse to them, asking them to join him in his fight against Malos. Meanwhile, Lora's other Blade, Haze, had encountered Milton and the two arrived just after the end of the fight. Lora accepted to join him after spending the evening with their group but told him that she would only do so once she has found her mother, which was said to be in Gormott. Addam and Mythra accepted to help her to make things quicker.

Once in Gormott, they stumbled upon the ruins of Torigoth, which had been sacked by bandits. There they ran into Brighid, the Blade of the Emperor of Mor Ardain, and the imperial army who accused them of being said bandits. The group defended itself but during the fight, Mythra simply stopped caring about the consequences of her powers after being provoked by Brighid, which resulted in destruction in the area, which stopped after Haze restrained both side with her powers and once Emperor Hugo Ardanach and his other Blade, Aegaeon, arrived on the scene and told his army to stand down. Hugo was a friend of Addam and decided to join him in the fight personally after the Coeia incident. Mythra was scolded by the entire party for her lack of restraint during the fight. The group then searched the area for traces of Malos and had an encounter with Gort and his men, which ended quickly thanks to Jin. They later received words from Amalthus saying that Malos came to see him to tell him that Torna was his next target. The group then headed to Torna where they briefly rested at Addam's palace after learning that the Urayan King displaced his army to it before going to the capital. On their way to the capital, they encountered Minoth, a Flesh Eater who was a Blade of Amalthus. Minoth came to fear his Driver and decided to serve as Addam's secondary Blade during the conflict instead.

Once in the capital, the party had an audience with the Tornan King during which Zettar attacked viciously the prince. Zettar held a deep resentment for his nephew as he saw him as a threat to his place in the line of succession despite being higher as Addam was beloved by the people and even the King. The king eventually sided with Addam and the kingdom started to prepare for the defense of Auresco, the capital. A good number of Gargoyles eventually showed up but this time they were led by Malos himself, who was determined to break the seal holding Torna in a more limited form. This was to use its great power to burn the world. Mythra confronted Malos for the first time and was unable to understand Malos' reasoning despite him claiming that this hatred for humanity was something the Aegis were created for. Malos was pushed back with the help of Azurda but he managed to break the seal and escape with the item keeping it shut. He then told the party that he would not do anything until they decide to engage him as it is more fun this way. Mythra was outraged by this and accused him of seeing the destruction of the world as a game to which Malos replied by the affirmative.

Mythra's trauma manifests as Pyra.

Once the party reached the core of Torna, malos started summoning an army of gargoyles which started to kamikaze themselves on the core. Malos' reasoning was that the energy gifted to the Artifices by the Conduit was ridiculous and that he could use this energy to overwhelm the core of the Titan and create a blast, which would destroy the world. After a bit of fighting, Mythra summons Artifice Ophion to destroy the Gargoyles but she is caught into Malos' trap, as he anticipated her to do so. Malos destroys Ophion with Gargoyles who were hidden behind clouds. The two then summon their Siren and the two Artifice fights. Mythra is unable to match Malos initially so he uses his Siren to destroy Auresco, Milton is mortally wounded in the process. This causes Mythra to go berserk and rise pass the limited power Adda confined her to. Her sword switches to her original Pneuma form, which makes it unable to be used by Addam. She takes it and fight Malos head on before they both enter their Siren and fight with them. Malos' Siren is downed during the fight, which leaves him damaged and presumed dead. Mythra is able to have a vision of the future and Rex due to her power surge. Torna's core is destroyed in the process and the Titan starts to die. Hugo sacrifice himself to protect Addam from the blast. Once Mythra comes back she faints and once she wakes up on an evacuation ship as the Titan fall in the Cloud Sea, she sees Milton's corpse, which was carried here by a traumatized Mikhail. Mikhail is afraid of her and as a reaction, she creates Pyra as a way to cope with the blame she burdens herself with for his death.

Aftermath of the Aegis War

Pyra as sealed by Addam.

Pyra then goes with Addam on a quest to seal pneuma's sword. Addam goes to the Spirit Crusible Elpys, which was a site owned by Torna in the Leftherian Archipelago. There he seals the sword in an environment that would prove to be difficult to anyone trying to claim it. He then tells Pyra that she must go to sleep as a test for mankind to see if they are worthy of her power. Pyra is sealed on a surviving Tornan ship that is then sunk at the bottom of the Cloud Sea. Addam then creates Fonsett Village on the Leftherian Archipelago and presumably spend the rest of his days there. Amalthus finally initiate his plan and takes over the Indoline Praetorium after murdering Praetor Rhadallis. He launches an attack on Spessia to eliminate Mythra after Malos had disapeared. Lora was caught in the fight and mortally wounded by the Indoline army. Jin used her heart to turn into a Flesh eater and slaughtered the rest of the army with his new powers. Amalthus obtain and resonate with Haze's Core Crystal in the aftermath of the battle. Jin eventually meets a damaged Malos and after having a discussion, a desperate Jin agrees that humanity needs to be destroyed. The group form Torna, a terrorist organization with the goal to wipe out the Architect and humanity, which they hold responsible for the state of the world. The duo recruits various desperate Flesh Eaters and Mikhail, who was turned into a Blade Eater by Amalthus as a test before he implanted himself with parts of Haze's Core Crystal to extend his life. Alongside them are a duo of Flesh Eaters, Akhos and Patroka, and Nia, a more recent recruit. The group concludes that in order to reach Elysium, they must fix Malos' damaged Core Crystal and to do that, he needs to copy some of the information stored in Pyra's Core Crystal.

Pyra's retrieval

rex finds Pyra during the salvaging operation.

This leads to them staging a salvaging operation by teaming up with Bana, the chairman of the Argentum Trade Guild, who had already started to build them an army of Artificial Blades with datas stolen from Tora's family. Jin knowing that the ship in which the Aegis is resting must be protected by Addam's seal, he demands that only salvagers from Leftheria participate in the operation as most of them would carry Addam's blood by now. Rex is selected to go on the mission by the Chairman and is the one who is chosen to open the seals for them. Once they reach Pyra, Rex touches the sword and resonate with her. Jin immediately react by killing him. Rex enters the Dream Elysium laying in Pyra's memories and there she introduce herself to him and tell him that he just became her Driver and that she would share his life force with him to revive him. Pyra awakens and confront Malos alongside Rex. Nia eventually sides with Rex after disagreeing with Malos when he told her to kill every humans hired for the operation to cover up their exit. The group manages to escape thanks to Azurda, who takes most of the damage to protect them.

First travels

Mòrag Ladair fights Rex and Pyra.

The group awakens on Gormott. Pyra and Rex landed close to each others while Nia, her blade Dromarch, and Azurda are all a little bit further away. The duo finds Azurda who seems to be mortally wounded and are distressed at his death until he reveals that he used his remaining energy to revert to a larval form. The group then go to save Nia from a Brog who took advantage of her being weakened to attack. The group heads to Torigoth where one of Bana's underling Dughall is using his authority as counselor to use the Ardainian army to search for Pyra. Nia is also wanted as a terrorist for her past affiliation with Torna. They are ambushed by Brighid and an imperial squad. Nia and dromarch were captured in the fight but Rex and Pyra escape thanks to Tora. Tora ask for their help to finish his own Artificial Blade, Poppi, in order to break into the imperial jail. In the meantime, Mòrag Ladair, the new Driver of Brighid and the Special Inquisitor of the Ardainian army arrives in Torigoth soon after and decide to use Nia as bait to lure the group to her in order to test the Aegis. The group finish Poppi and bust Nia out of prison before being ambushed by Mòrag. They are able to escape by using water to reduce Brighid's powers. They then obtain a ship and head out off Gormott.

Vandham ambushes the party.

On their way to the World Tree, Pyra is taken aback by the presence of the Great Void, which didn't exist before and they are immediately attacked by a repurposed Ophion that no longer listen to Pyra. They are forced to flee and are swallowed by Uraya and end up in the Kingdom of Uraya. There they encounter Vandham and his Blade Roc who acts like antagonists to test Rex and defeat them after overwhelming Pyra's power output. He then reveal his true intentions and declares himself as a mercenary and invite the party to go and eat with them. They talk about their quest for Elysium and vandham tells them that he knows someone at Fonsa Myma, the capital, who may know how to get to the World Tree. Pyra discover that she gets wounded in the same way Rex is when either one of them is hurt due to their connection. They are ambushed soon after by Akhos who discover that fact as well but he is pushed back by Vandham. They are also attacked by Zeke and Pandoria who pretends to try to capture the Aegis in order to test them on behalf of the Praetorium. They are however to do anything conclusive due to Zeke's tendency to get into accidents. Once in the city, the group assist to a play that depicts the events of the Aegis War featuring an artistic recreation of Mythra and Addam. Soon after Pyra meets Cole, who is in fact Minoth. Minoth has a brief conversation with Pyra in private where he ask her if she is ever going to use Mythra's power again to which she says that she hopes she don't have to.

Mythra awakens.

Due to his long life as a Flesh eater, Minoth is reaching the end of his lifespan and needs to rest before giving the group their next destination. He is visited by Malos and Akhos that night who try to force his hand into helping them but after he refuses, they just go away and kidnap his adopted granddaughter Iona. Malos invades Pyra's dream Elysium during the night and threaten to kill Iona if she doesn't turn herself in to them without the knowledge of the party. She goes to the playhouse where she originally "knighted" Addam as her Driver. The party realise that she is gone and try to search for her. In the meantime, Malos has started to hurt her without any resistance as they hold Iona hostage. They are interrupted by the party who are then forced to fight both Malos and Akhos. They are outmatched and Vandham sacrifice himself to allow the party to escape. Rex however refuses and unsuccessfully attacks the duo in anger. This eventually forces Pyra to reawaken Mythra's power. Mythra reluctantly returns and teach Rex to use her Foresight ability to outmaneuver Malos and Akhos and destroy their Blades with beams shot by Siren. The party is left with vandham's corpse and a few days later during his funerals, Mythra confronts Rex about him forcing her to return to the world and threaten it a second time instead of running away like Vandham asked. She switch back to Pyra once she gets fed up by the exchange. Pyra takes them back to the theater where she explain to them that Malos is another Aegis like her and the whole concept of the Aegis War. Minoth then give them his weapon and instruct them to try to reach the Praetorium through Mor Ardain to give it to his own Driver, who might know a way to go to the World Tree.

Reaching the Indoline Preatorium

Mythra defeats Mikhail and Patroka.

On their way to Mor Ardain, the group gets Roc's Core Crystal stolen from them by a group of young Gormotti. After reclaiming it, Rex awakens Roc as one of his Blades. The group then heads to Mor ardain through Argentum. When they arrive to the capital, they encounter a Nopon called Muimui that worked for Professor Soosoo, Tora's grandfather. Muimui gives them a reduction at the inn. Nia, Mythra and Poppi take the opportunity to go to the hotsprings where Mythra discover that Nia is a Flesh Eater but she promise to keep it secret from the rest of the group until Nia is willing to talk about it. They are disturbed by a loud noise Rex start to investigate but he is surprised to find Mythra instead of Pyra. Mythra insist on being the main personality of the Aegis for a while so that Rex can get used to her greater power. They find out that the source of the noise is Lila, an artificial Blade that was originally built by Tora's father and grandfather as a prototype of Poppi. The group is then attacked by Mòrag and some Ardainian troops that mistake reports of Lila for Poppi. Rex is able to match Mòrag and Brighid's power more easily with Mythra and he prove his innocence by helping her investigating the source of the incident. It turns out that Tora's father, Professor Tatazo, was held hostage by Bana and Muimui to create an army of lesser artificial Blades for Torna. The party infiltrate Bana's factory and free Tatazo. Upon seeing the Aegis, Bana plans to capture her too and make even more money. He sends Lila after them but she is defeated by Poppi. Bana summons Rosa and engage the party. IOnce Rosa is defeated, bana flees to the dock were he is cornered. At this moment, Mikhail and Patroka who are with Torna arrives and start to fight the party to free Bana and resume the construction of the Artificial Blades. During the fight Mythra create a plan to destroy the duo's Blades. Mòrag arrives and help the party in the fight. Together they are able to push the two members of Torna under a crane, which is a perfect emplacement to use Siren without making the entire building collapse. Their Blades are destroyed by the Siren Buster and as Patroka readies herself to use her Flesh eater powers in anger, she is restrained by Haze, which forces the duo to escape with a ship that was docked in the harbor. Haze introduce herself as Fan la Norne, which makes Mythra uncomfortable. Fan explain that she is the Blade of Praetor Amalthus who is also the Driver of Malos and of Cole, meaning that he is the person Cole sent them to see in the Praetorium. Fan tell Rex that the Praetor only wants to see his fellow Aegis Driver.

Pyra and Mythra worries about Haze.

The party then go on a Praetorium ship from Mor Ardain and begin to head towards the Indoline Praetorium. On the ship Pyra and Mythra recognize Haze and discuss how it is normal that she no longer remember as Lora is supposedly dead for almost 500 years now. However, they also notice that Fan's resonance is unnatural due to her halved Core Crystal and that it isn't like their weird resonance with Rex either. Meanwhile, Torna decides to try to steal some Judician weapons excavated in secret at Temperantia by Senator Roderich of Mor Ardain. They hope to stage a diplomatic incident that would ignite the war between Mor Ardain and Uraya to gain more time. It is then decided that the Praetorium ship will stops at the Leftherian Archipelago due to geographical constraints imposed by the Cloud Sea at this time of year. They will travel to the other side of a massive cloud veil by the tunnels found on the Archipelago. Pyra upon learning that it is Rex's home insist on going through his native village of Fonsett.

Pyra and Rex visits the graves of Rex's parents.

Rex agrees to take them there were they are greeted by Corinne, rex's adoptive aunt who offers to take them in for the night. Rex then takes Pyra to the graveyard to visit his dead parents' graves. There he tells them about his mission to find Elysium with her. Pyra then has a conversation with Corinne where she teases her about marrying Rex before going out to sit outside. There she tells him the tale of how Rex ended up in Fonsett as a child with both of his parents dying soon after. Corrine laments that he has known enough loss for one lifetime and that this is probably why he decided to become a salvager and search for Elysium, to prevent others to live such a sad life. Pyra then tell her that she should maybe leave his side and the world itself since she believes that she only brings loss and misfortune in her wake. Brighid also eavesdrops the conversation. As they arrive to the port the day after, they encounter Zeke once more. Zeke reveal that he has never tried to take the Aegis but that he was a special envoy of Amalthus sent to test them. Zeke finally allows the group passage to Indol once they are able to prove their strength to him without the fight being cut short by Zeke's bad luck. Zeke also reveals that he is an exiled crown prince from the kingdom of Tantal.

Amalthus and the Aegis discuss the state of the world in front of an old painting.

Once the group arrives in Indol, Pyra remarks that the architecture is very grand while Mythra complains to her that it's because they try to hard to look important. Most likely because she still doesn't trust Indol after all those years. Haze takes them to their bedrooms where they wait for an audience with the Praetor. The night before meeting the Praetor, Rex ask Pyra about Addam, to which she respond that she has not met him for long enough to form an opinion on him but that Mythra thinks of him as the most heroic person she has ever met and that Rex reminds her of him. The morning, Rex and Nia spot Fan gazing at an old painting in Indol. Nia teases Rex for having a crush on Fan to which he replies that she looks sad. Fan then spots them and tell them that as a Blade she would have been alive when that painting was made 1500 years ago. Pyra looks at the conversation from afar and is interupted by Brighid who reveal to her that she keeps a diary of her past incarnations and that she "remembers" their first meeting as a result. She then criticize Pyra for refusing to tell her entire past to Rex as it would only undermine their relationship over time. The party finally meets Amalthus. Rex tells him that he hopes to reach Elysium to resolve conflicts between humans. Amalthus replies that he used to think like him but was unable to achieve his dream because he thinks that he was unworthy in the eyes of the Architect. As he explain this, in Rex's mind Amalthus begins to flicker out of existence and is replaced by Malos' appearance and voice. As Rex snaps back to reality Amalthus asks for a private audience with Pyra. Rex agrees but then tell the party what he saw and how he worries about Pyra. During the conversation, Amalthus laments over the state of the world and what he perceives as regression of the human condition. Mythra appears and confront him by saying that in the past he would have never allowed someone else to have a chance to meet the Architect. Amalthus respond by saying that time changed him and that he genuinely believe that someone could finally reach the Architect and save this dying world. Mythra is still doubtful but is willing to go along to reach Elysium. Pyra then returns to Rex and the group is immediately confronted by bad news coming from Mor Ardain. Jin has taken over a Judician weapon from the dig site and is attacking the Urayan army to put the blame on Mor ardain. They initially believe that the culprit is Roderich but soon find out that it is Torna after confronting him and they depart to Temperantia with Amalthus' blessings and both Zeke and Fan la Norne by their side.

Travels to Tantal

Jin accuse humanity of holding Blades back after killing Haze.

Upon their arrival in Temperantia, they can witness the destruction caused by Jin and the Titan weapon firsthand. They know that they are unable to face the weapon head on because Mòrag informs them that trying to blow it up with one of Mythra's attack would cause a gigantic explosion due to the instable materials used in the weapon. Fan la Norne then decides to use her power to restrain Blades and Titans to stop the weapon under a natural stone bridge. From said bridge the party can jump down on the back of the Titan and cut the cables of the machinery, thus deactivating the weapon without destroying most of Temperantia and themselves. They deal with the security system, Aeshma's Core, and deactivate it by cutting the cables. Jin then exits the weapon and confront them directly. Mythra warns the party about Jin's power while he slanders Fan la Norne for having forgotten Lora and Mythra for acting like none of the problems of the world caused as a result of the Aegis War concern her. He then reveals his nature as a Blade. Fan la Norne then restricts Jin's power as he engages the party. Jin still manages to hold the party back. Rex wonders if Fan la Norne's powers are actually working to which Mythra replies that it's certainly working but that Jin is just that powerful. Jin takes advantage of this distraction to stab Fan la Norne in her Core Crystal, thus killing her for good. He then rants about the nature of humanity and how the Blades are seen as slaves when Rex gets mad at him for it. He prepares himself to unleash his true power and finish off the party but he is unable to as Fan la Norne's power has taken a toll on his body, which has been on the verge of death for a while now. He is saved by Akhos who leaves by using the little power that remains in Aeshma's Core to cover their exit. Once the Titan weapon is defeated for good the party is left in the middle of what is about to become a battlefield as both Ardainian and Urayan battleship are readying for war around them as no one has been informed of the true nature of the attack. It is at this moment that Amalthus appears with Indol and place it in the middle of the army, calling for a ceasefire as a neutral third party.

Mythra at the congress of nations.

In the aftermath of the diplomatic incident, Praetor Amalthus organized a meeting between Emperor Niall Ardanach of Mor Ardain and Queen Raqura of Uraya. Since she had interest in stopping the war, Mòrag joined her cousin, the emperor, in the meeting as a eyewitness disproving the involvement of the empire in the attack. Since her testimony alone would be seen as biased, Zeke also agrees to represent the Tantalese in the summit of nations in his quality of crown prince. Niranira who had replaced Bana as the acting Chairman of Argentum while the former was under investigation also testified in favor of the party thanks to documents incriminating Bana in weapon dealing with Torna. This would cast aside Queen Raqura's dismissal of Torna as a serious threat due to their "lack of enough resources to pull off such a big move". Mythra also came to the summit in her quality of Aegis and made it clear to the queen that Torna was helped by the other Aegis, Malos. Amalthus backed the party and claimed that he was indeed the one who awoke Malos 500 years ago and unleashed him upon the world. He then argues that in order to stop Malos, it may be time to eliminate the Great Void created by Artifice Ophion and allow the party to reach the World Tree and Elysium. Mythra later has a conversation with Amalthus where she still express her distrust of him and question his motives for helping them. She also tell him that she trust Rex for both their sakes after Amalthus asks her why she is so devoted to him. She then ask him for what he lives for, a question that Amalthus is unable to answer.

Soon after the summit, rumors that Bana is preparing to assassinate the world leaders to profit from the ensuing war and get his Argentum Chairman back begin to circulate. The party investigate and discover that there is a real plot going on to kill Queen Raqura. They suspect that Bana is trying to poison the food for the summit but they realize that the Tirkin chefs that were preparing the feast were legitimate after beating them up. They head back to the hangar to withness Bana's actual plan, he managed to sneak an improved version of Rosa called Giga Rosa on the Ardainian battleship and attacks the queen with it. He is immediately interrupted by the party and the emperor who witness his attempted murder. Bana planned on making it look like the Ardainians killed the queen but with so much witnesses, he decide to kill every world leader present and hope a war will result in the chaos. He is stopped but makes Giga Rosa self destruct to cover up his escape and kill everyone left here. Niall tries to stop him while Aegaeon shields the rest of the group. Niall is fatally wounded by the explosion and die to protect the queen of Uraya. Nia manages to set up a diversion and uses her Flesh Eater powers to revive Niall while the party is away. The queen agrees to make peace with mor Ardain as a result of this selfless act. Soon after, Niall allows Mòrag to follow Rex and the Aegis to Elysium regardless of her duties as it what he knows her heart desires. Amalthus then write a document that is made to justify their diplomatic mission to King Eulogimenos Tantal of Tantal. This is because they are the ones who have the Omega Fetter, an ancient device that allows them to control Ophion and the Great Void separating the World Tree from the rest of Alrest.

Pyra held in front of the Ether accelerator

Upon their arrival to Tantal, the party meets the king very quickly thanks to Zeke. Eulogimenos reads the decree given to the party by Amalthus and immediately rips it apart and attacks the party. He uses the devices siphoning away Ether from the room to render the Blades in the party useless. He immediately shocks Pyra until she is unconscious to remove the biggest threat from the party and takes her away with an advanced Tantalese device. He then restrain the rest of the party with his guards and explain to them that he only wants to get rid of the Aegis to prevent the tragedy of the Aegis War to come back. He puts them in jail except for his son. He takes Zeke to the treasure room of the royal family and show him proofs that Zeke's family are not descendants of Addam but of his uncle Zettar who sided with Amalthus after the war and was able to usurp the Tornan throne using Addam's name as a rallying point, thus founding the Kingdom of Tantal from the ruins of the Kingdom of Torna. This made Zeke's family a bunch of usurpers. Zeke is outraged at his reasons and decide to save the party and Pyra as soon as he leaves his father's eyesight. Meanwhile Mòrag and Tora had managed to escape the Tantalese prison by anticipating the king's move upon seeing Ether siphoning devices upon entering the palace and they had stored enough Ether in Poppi's furnace to break out of the prison regardless of the devices. The party met up with Zeke soon after and they go towards the room where the king plans on executing Pyra. Meanwhile Pyra wakes up to find herself tied up in front of an Ether accelerator. This machine acts as a very powerful canon with the ability to obliterate whatever is in front of it with Ether particles. Mythra plans on using Siren to destroy it before they have the opportunity to fire but Pyra plans on passing on a message to the king since the Tantalese are the descendants of Addam and he left a message for them. The king then arrives and apologize to Pyra by saying that he has no personal quarrel with her but that her destruction is what is needed to ensure the safety of the world and confront her on the fact that she herself wanted to die when she decided to disappear. The party arrives soon after and battle the king's forces while the accelerator is charging. Poppi and Zeke manage to make it miss his shot in the chaos of the battle and it goes right through Genbu's head instead.

The king then admit defeat. He explain to the party what he told to Zeke about them being usurpers and tell them that Addam never returned to Tantal, which led to Zettar usurping the throne in order to keep the people of Torna unified. Pyra then reveal that he knew this would happened and left them of his own will. She then project an hologram encrypting a message from Addam that says that the Aegis was sealed away because he believed that humanity lacked the maturity to use the Aegis and that she should be locked away as a trial for mankind. After this exchange, Genbu starts diving to the depths of the Cloud Sea after the Omega Fetter is being pertubed by the blast from the Ether accelerator. Pyra then ask for the location of the Omega fetter and tell Zeke that she can technically fix it since it was made to control Ophion. On their way there, the stumble upon a battlefield of the Aegis War and Pyra explains to the rest of the party what Artifices are since they have only seen Ophion directly.


Pyra threaten to kill herself to guarantee Rex's safety.

Once they arrive at Genbu's head, Mythra fixes the Omega Fetter and begin to head back to the palace. They are immediately ambushed by Mikhail, Akhos and Patroka with the goal of stealing the Omega Fetter to open a path to the World Tree. They are defeated but Jin and Malos arrive to save them. Jin plans on getting revenge for the incident in Temperancia and takes on his Flesh Eater form. The party is unable to stop him and as he is about to kill Rex, Pyra tell him to let him go in exchange of her cooperation in opening a path to Elysium. If he refuses, she threaten to kill herself and deprive Malos of a way to repair himself thus locking the group out of Elysium permanently. Malos call it a bluff as she doesn't have the power to do it but then she take control of Mythra's Siren out of sheer will and aim the particle canon at her. Jin remind her that he can block that since it's slower than light, she respond by telling him that she's not planning on killing herself with the canon, but with the targeting ray, which is strong enough to do it if it is focused enough and it goes at the speed of light. Jin agrees to her bargain and let the party go after berating Rex for his inability to tell that Pyra was this hurt by their battles. Torna then leaves with Pyra's unconscious body thanks to Bana's artificial Blades leaving the party unharmed.

Malos repairs himself by stealing Pyra's data.

In the direct aftermath of the fight, Rex think that he is unworthy of her and decided to give up on his quest. He is violently reprimanded by Brighid, Nia, and Poppi and finally realize that Pyra has sacrificed a lot to him and that it is his duty to save her. He goes to the king who upon hearing what happen gives more insight in his reasoning for trying to destroy Pyra. He state that since Tantal was formed, it has been under the thumb of Amalthus as he is the one who helped Zettar claiming the throne and that the royal family is forced to mine Genbu's Ether flow for an annual number of Core Chips paid as tribute to Indol. This is one of the big reason for Indol's power and the disastrous climate of Tantal. Amalthus has been threatening the Tantalese for 500 years with the threat of telling everyone the truth behind the royal dynasty and its tie to Addam. The decree from Amalthus that Rex brought in order to gain access to the World Tree was in fact threatening the king with that same threat, which is why he decided to destroy Pyra as he thought she was under Amalthus' control and a threat to the world as a result. He then share with them a tale about a third Aegis sword that addam hid somewhere. At that point Azurda speaks up and tell the party that Addam tasked him to guard this third sword and that he would guide the party to it if they think they are ready to pass Addam's trials.

Pneuma awakens.

The party pass the trials and obtain the third sword. At this point, Rex receive a vision of the destruction of the old world by Klaus' experiment and meets a sort of ghost of Addam in the dream version of Elysium he met Pyra in. There Addam ask him for his desire for the Aegis power, to which Rex answer that he wants it to protect Pyra, Mythra and all of those he care about. Addam jokingly says that he is greedy and tell him that there is a limit to what one man can protect. He then tell him that the Aegis is afraid of her own power, that he too was afraid of it, which is why he sealed her away and that Rex is the one who can handle the fear she carries. Soon after this, Rex uses his connection to her to find out that she is held captive in the Cliffs of Morytha. near the Great Void. On their way there, Malos starts to seal the data in her Core Crystal to regenerate his own. In the process he turns her into an empty shell as she desperately tries to cling on to her memories. Malos is faced once alone at full power and is seemingly killed by Nia's regenerative capacity and launched off a cliff. It is of course just theatrics done by Malos and he comes back when they reach Jin who guards Pyra's body. Malos does a whole speech about how Pyra tried to cling onto her memories but she failed and was turned into an empty shell to taunt Rex before throwing her body at his feet. Rex replies that he didn't understand their feeling and that all this time he walked in her shadow, never realizing that she wanted something different than him. Malos then belittle his monologue and ask him what he even means to which Rex replies that he will defeat them and reach Elysium. Malos laugh at the notion that they can even do anything against him and jin at full power. The party then engage them in a fight. They hold them back until Jin start to freeze the particles in the air to negate Nia's healing power. Pyra and Mythra then communicate with Rex through their shared Core crystal and tell him that they wanted to go to Elysium to be allowed by the Architect to kill themselves. Rex reaffirm his desire to take them there and that he does it for them upon which he connects with them as their true driver and they are reawakened as Pneuma.

The Architect's World

Following Pneuma's awakening, the party fight Malos and Jin one more time. With the power of Pneuma, which allows him to rewrite reality, Rex is able to match Jin's speed and outmatch him. He hesitate to kill him as he doubt his real motives and just want to get to Elysium unopposed. Malos enters the conversation stating that it won't happen as they have the goal to meet the Architect to kill him alongside the world. Malos then states that as an Aegis he is driven to end the world by the Architect and he intends to go to Elysium to awaken Aion, the Artifice with the power to destroy the world. Rex and Pneuma refuses that notion and tell him that the Architect doesn't want that. Malos shuts them down and summons Ophion that he had highjacked not long ago to attack the party. Pneuma summons Siren to counter it. The two artifices start to battle and the fight breaks most of the arena. This sends everyone aside from Malos plummeting into the Great Void in the Cloud Sea.

Rex and Mythra wake up separated from the rest of the group in the Land of Morytha. There Rex tell her of his meeting with Addam while she was away and Mythra tell him that while they are assuming Pneuma's form, it acts as some sort of blending between her other personalities. Then they set of to explore the desolated landscape that Rex recognize as the Morytha from legends he heard from other salvagers. Then they stummble upon Jin whose Core Crystal was damaged in the fall. He is being attacked by a Guldo and cannot fight back due to his injuries. After defeating the Guldo, Rex explains that he couldn't let Jin end like this after everything that happened between them. While they are discussing, they fail to ntice that the Guldo has completely healed itself and it attacks them by surprise only to be stopped by Brighid. She is in her own group with Poppi and Azurda. They are shocked to see Jin and rejoin the party. Rex ask Mythra to heal him, which she can do thanks to the fact that the data of all Blades is found in the Aegises' Core Crystal. While doing so, she confirms that Jin is a Flesh Eater with a human heart. Jin wonders why Mythra saved him. Mythra tells Rex that they fought together against Malos in the Aegis War and that Jin must still have his memories since he is a Flesh Eater. She then ask Jin why he chose to side with Malos, to which Jin answer that what he knows would destroy her too. Mythra responds that she probably has already guessed and she didn't reached the same conclusion before saying that she knows the human he ate to become a Flesh Eater is Lora. Rex then tell him that he can't forgive him and that they will defeat you if he still stands in their way after that. Jin makes a snarky remark about the fact that they are standing in the Land of Morytha and that they can't afford the luxury of being openly hostile if they want to survive here. Rex asks him if he knows anything about that place. To which Jin responds that it is the birth place of the Architect according to Malos.

Soon after the party rests in a safe spot. Poppi takes that opportunity to explore the ruins while the rest of the party is asleep. Mythra notices this and follow her. They have a chat about the nature of Morytha. Poppi marvels at the advanced nature of that civilization and the amount of people who lived there. Mythra add that no matter their technology, humans are all the same and they used it to destroy themselves in the end. Poppi then worries that since she is born from technology, she will end up destroying the world. Mythra then tell her that since she was created by the Architect who was born in that land she would also count as the same technology that destroyed the world. Then Poppi tell Mythra that she should be killed by Mythra if she really is a threat to the world. At which point Mythra tell her that she promise to stop her if she is about to destroy the world but in exchange Poppi has to do something for her. The party then discover the corpse of Torna. There Jin explains that Blades are born from titans and they eventually return to their Titan of origin to become titans themselves. This is something Mythra confirms immediately. They eventually reach the Tornan titan womb where Jin explains that Torna worshipped the Blades and that Amalthus is the one who really destroyed the remanants of Torna after the Aegises sank the titan. He refuses to allow the existence of the world and basically strangled it to death by preventing the birth of new titans. This meant that he had to destroy the society that knew the role Blades play into the world and regulate Blades use so that every Core Crystal pass into his hands at some point. This allowed him to reset them by absorbing the data inside their Cores with the Cleansing Ritual thus preventing their evolution into a Titan and resulting in the current state of the world with evermore shrinking lands. After Jin explains the end of his story with Lora, Mythra remarks that she should not have gone to sleep. Jin then remarks that humans would have killed them regardless of Amalthus. Then Rex accuse him of being the same as Amalthus as they both want to get to the Architect and usurp him. Rex then tell him that he doesn't buy his reason and that he just look like someone who wants to die, just like Pyra was. They are then attacked by the Infernal Guldo but they are saved by the rest of the party. Jin is then rescued by the rest of Torna and the party start to race to the top of the World Tree against Torna and their ship.

The World Tree

Thanks to her newfound powers, Pneuma is able to enter the World Tree.

Xenoblade series

Xenoblade Chronicles 2


  • Anchor Shot - An attack that has a high chance of making the enemy drop HP Potions, it can also topple if used at the right time
  • Sword Bash - An attack that inflicts huge damage if inflicted from the back
  • Double Spinning Edge - An attack that inflict huge damage if inflicted from the side.
  • Rolling Smash - An attack the inflict Ether damage and reduce Aggro.


Pyra's specials
  • Lv. 1 - Flame Nova - Absorb ether from the air and transform it into fighting spirit.
  • Lv. 2 - Prominence Revolt - Pillars of fire erupt from beneath all enemies.
  • Lv. 3 - Blazing End - Concentrate attack on a single enemy, incinerating them.
  • Lv. 4 - Burning Sword - Cleave the enemy with a giant sword of flame that detonates on impact
Mythra's specials
  • Lv. 1 - Ray of Punishment - Fire concentrated arrows of light at an enemy.
  • Lv. 2 - Photon Edge - Move at light speed to cut the enemy instantly.
  • Lv. 3 - Lightning Buster - Slice an enemy multiple times with a blade of light.
  • Lv. 4 - Sacred Arrow - Rain down arrows of light from above to tear the enemy apart.
Pneuma's specials
  • Lv. 1 - Starburst - Blast a merciless siren beam through enemies.
  • Lv. 2 - Radiant Slair- Attack hostiles with a light-speed attack.
  • Lv. 3 - Genesis Saber - Pierce enemies with countless light blades created by ether.
  • Lv. 4 - Infinity Blade - Unleash energy and sever the enemy with a sword of light.

Blade arts

Pyra's arts
  • Accuracy Up - Increases accuracy
  • Arts Plus - Boosts power of next Driver Art
Mythra's arts
  • Critical Up - Increases critical hit rate.
  • Recharge Boost - Boosts Arts recharge from auto-attack.
Pneuma' arts
  • Recharge Boost -  Boosts Arts recharge from auto-attack.
  • Critical Up - Increases critical hit rate.
  • Arts Plus - Boosts power of next Driver Art

Battle skills

Pyra's skills
  • Purifying Flames - Special has 5% to 15% chance to defeat non-boss enemies up to 20% HP.
  • Resplendence - Increases Blade Combo damage by 24% to 72%.
  • Flaming Edge - Increases critical damage by 10% to 50%.
Mythra's skills
  • Foresight - Increases accuracy and evasion rate of the party by 30% to 50% at max Affinity.
  • Lightspeed Flurry - Recharges Art or Special used by 20% to 100% upon landing a critical hit.
  • Glint - Increases critical hit rate by 5% to 15%.
Pneuma's skills
  • A Dream of the Future - Can initiate elemental combo at random.
  • The Chosen One - Greatly enhances the Driver's abilities through the power of the Aegis.
  • The Aegis - Greatly enhances the party's abilities through the power of the Aegis.

Field skills

Pyra's field skills
  • Fire Mastery - Lv. 3
  • Focus - Lv. 3
  • Cooking - Lv. 3
Mythra's field skills
  • Light Mastery - Lv. 3
  • Focus - Lv. 3
  • Girls' Talk - Lv. 3
Pneuma's field skills
  • Agronomy
  • Keen Eye
  • Focus

Affinity Charts

Pyra's Affinity Chart
Name Tier Effect Prerequisite Amount Flavor Text
Key Affinity Reward 1 Unlocks level 1 of the Affinity Chart. N/A N/A N/A
2 Unlocks level 2 of the Affinity Chart. Increase the trust level 100 "Looks like all our hard work is starting to pay off."
3 Unlocks level 3 of the Affinity Chart. Affinity bond will be easier to sustain. Increase the trust level 1600 "I think I might get better at cooking, too!"
4 Unlocks level 4 of the Affinity Chart. Increase the trust level 4600 "I feel like I can still get even stronger!"
5 Unlocks level 5 of the Affinity Chart. Increase the trust level. 10600 "A sign of the special bond we shared."
Flame Nova 1 Increases damage dealt to beasts by 60% N/A N/A N/A
2 Increases damage dealt to beasts by 70% Defeat Feris enemies in Gormott. (Excludes unique monsters) 6 "They were perfect for a little combat practice."
3 Increases damage dealt to beasts by 80% Use Flame Nova 11 "What's this feeling...? It's like power is welling up within me!"
4 Increases damage dealt to beasts by 90% Perform a Blade Combo 10 "How did you like my strength?"
5 Increases damage dealt to beasts by 100% Defeat Vay Taos at the World Tree 4 "That was a difficult enemy... But I was able to beat it thanks to you."
Prominence Revolt 1 Increases damage dealt to toppled enemies by 100% N/A N/A N/A
2 Increases damage dealt to toppled enemies by 110% Use Prominence Revolt 7 "I'm starting to get quite good at this!"
3 Increases damage dealt to toppled enemies by 120% Defeat Bafoo Crustip in Mor Ardain 5 "What a formidable foe... But by defeating it, I've become stronger!"
4 Increases damage dealt to toppled enemies by 130% Use Prominence Revolt 9 "I want to use this power to protect everyone."
5 Increases damage dealt to toppled enemies by 150% Use Prominence Revolt 10 "I think I can use this technique better than ever now!"
Blazing End 1 Increases critical damage by 25% N/A N/A N/A
2 Increases critical damage by 40% Perform a Blade Combo 5 "Did you see the power of my flames?"
3 Increases critical damage by 55% Use Blazing End 6 "I'm starting to get the hang of this one."
4 Increases critical damage by 70% Defeat Skad Taos in Letheria 4 "If you stand in my way, you'd better be prepared - I won't hold back!"
5 Increases critical damage by 85% Use Blazing End 8 "I'll use this power to make our hopes a reality!"
Purifying Flames 1 Special has 5% chance to defeat non-boss foes with up to 20% HP. Use a Blade Art 3 "I'll be watching out for you."
2 Special has 7% chance to defeat non-boss foes with up to 20% HP. Help an incapacitated ally 10 "Is everyone okay? I hope I'm helping..."
3 Special has 10% chance to defeat non-boss foes with up to 20% HP. Speak to Pyra at Corinne's House in Leftheria to View the Heart-to-Heart "By the Graveside" N/A "Don't shout inside my head like that! Talk to me in person, why don't you?!"
4 Special has 12% chance to defeat non-boss foes with up to 20% HP. Use a Blade Art 7 "I've got your back!"
5 Special has 15% chance to defeat non-boss foes with up to 20% HP. Swap Blades during battle. (Previous instances count toward total) 4000 "Is there a way for me to be more useful...?"
Resplendence 1 Increases Blade Combo damage by 24% Perform a Blade Combo 2 "I've awoken new power within me..."
2 Increases Blade Combo damage by 36% Perform a Driver Combo (It's enough to just be present.) 5 "Nice! I'd better work hard too!"
3 Increases Blade Combo damage by 48% Deal a critical hit 7 "I think my power has gotten stronger."
4 Increases Blade Combo damage by 60% View the Heart-to-Heart "Mòrag the Chef" N/A "Maybe letting those two cook wasn't such a good idea..."
5 Increases Blade Combo damage by 72% Perform a Driver Combo (It's enough to just be present.) 12 "Next time, I'll show you what I can do!"
Flaming Edge 1 Increases critical damage by 10% N/A N/A N/A
2 Increases critical damage by 20% Deal a critical hit 5 "I still have so much to learn!"
3 Increases critical damage by 30% Walk a lot (Previous instances count toward total) 80,000 "We've traveled a long way together, haven't we? I hope we can keep journeying together like this."
4 Increases critical damage by 40% Evade an attack 9 "I'll make good use of this!"
5 Increases critical damage by 50% Perform a Blade Combo 12 "This move is my specialty, so let's make good use of it!"
Fire Mastery 1 The power of a Fire Blade N/A N/A N/A
2 The power of a Fire Blade Discover an area (Previous instances count toward total) 12 "We've visited so many different places. Which one was your favorite?"
4 The power of a Fire Blade Collect stuff (Previous instances count toward total) 25 "Look at all the things we've collected... Do you see any good ingredients?"
Focus 1 The power to focus on one thing. Also used to control one's power. N/A N/A N/A
2 The power to focus on one thing. Also used to control one's power. Use Pyra's favorite pouch item from the Drinks category. 4 "Jenerossi Tea has such a lovely aroma. It does wonders for my concentration!"
5 The power to focus on one thing. Also used to control one's power. Succeed in a button challenge during a battle (Previous instances count toward total) 100 "Perfect timing. I knew you could do it!"
Cooking 1 The power to prepare delicious food. Skill exclusive to Pyra. N/A N/A N/A
3 The power to prepare delicious food. Skill exclusive to Pyra. Make food (Previous instances count toward total 10 "I love cooking! Let me know if there's anything else you want me to make."
5 The power to prepare delicious food. Skill exclusive to Pyra. Make food (Previous instances count toward total) 50 "I may have made a bit too much... But we can't be wasting food, so I hope you'll eat it all!"
Mythra's Affinity Chart

Pouch items

Pyra's favorite items
  • Item types: Veggies, Literature
  • Specific items: Jenerossi Tea, Woodgrain Alphorn
Mythra's favorite items
  • Item types: Desserts, Art
  • Specific items: Cloud Sea Crab Sticks, Final Chorus

Super Smash Bros. series

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Render of both Pyra and Mythra for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

In the base game, both Pyra and Mythra are featured as support Spirits in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Pyra's sword is also part of the Rex Mii costume released alongside the DLC pack. On February 17th, 2021 Pyra and Mythra were announced on Nintendo Direct to be a playable DLC fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. They were later added to the game on March 5, 2021. Three new spirits depicting the Aegis were added alongside the new fighter. The first two are simply the usual playable character spirits made for every fighters. They don't have stats and can't be used like regular spirits. The third one is a support spirit based Pneuma.



  • Neutral Special: Flame Nova
  • Side Special: Blazing End
  • Up Special: Prominence Revolt
  • Down Special: Swap to mythra
  • Final Smash: Burning sword


  • Neutral Special: Lightning Buster
  • Side Special: Photon Edge
  • Up Special: Ray of Punishment/Chroma Dust
  • Down Special: Swap to Pyra
  • Final Smash: Sacred Arrow


No. Image Name Class Slot Cost Ability Acquisition
XC2 Pyra.png
Pyra ★★★★ 1 Assist Killer
  • Purchase at Anna's Emporium for 10,000SP
  • Battle via Spirit Board
SSBU Mythra.png
Mythra ★★★★ 2 Critical Hit ↑↑
  • Battle via World of Light
  • Battle via Spirit Board
  • Purchase from the Vault Shop for 15,000G
Pneuma smash.png
Pneuma ★★★★ 2 Critical Healing & Metal
  • Battle via DLC Spirit Board


Good Smile Company figures

Pyra's figure.

Mythra's figure.

Nintendo and Good Smile Company announced 1/7 scale figures for both Pyra and Mythra, the two figures are approximately 210mm in height and are set to release in December 2018.


  • HOMURA is a Skell Weapon in Xenoblade Chronicles X.
  • The blue-green core on her chest shares some resemblance to the Lifeholds from Xenoblade Chronicles X.
    • The core on her chest is shared between Mythra and Pyra.
    • This shares some resemblance to the Zohar from Xenogears and Xenosaga.
  • The word Pyra comes from the Ancient Greek, which stands for "flame colored" or "red fire". Her Japanese name, Homura means "flame".
  • Mythra's Japanese name, Hikari, means "light", also Mythra comes from an Zoroastrian Deity of, among other things, light, called "Mithra". 
  • Aegis in Greek mythology means "shield"and is likely based off the shield of the same name used by Greek figures, Pallas Athena and Zeus.
  • For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Pyra and Mythra's designs were slightly altered. Mythra's new design covered up her cleavage and legs, and her new design was added to Xenoblade Chronicles 2 as a free DLC. Pyra's new design cover up more of her waist and she wears an additional pair of translucent stockings under her shorts, and her new design was only used for her appearance as a playable fighter, not her Spirit. The reason why both of their designs was altered due to the game age ratings.
  • The Pneuma spirit added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the first official full body artwork of the character.