Pneuma is a legendary Blade in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. She has the power to grant tremendous power to her Driver named Rex. She and Rex embark on a journey to search for her long-lost home, Elysium. She can take the form of a Blade named Pyra (JP) or a Blade named Mythra (JP).

It is said that she is immortal and has the ability to recover from injuries quickly. However, she can die if the core on her chest is destroyed. After linking her life to Rex, she will die if he dies. She is one of the three Aegises, three legendary Blades who were granted the power to manipulate Ether and alterate reality by their creator, The Architect. She was once one of the two major forces who fought during the Aegis War, 500 years before Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and is the one who sank Torna and Malos into the Cloud Sea


Xenoblade series

Xenoblade Chronicles 2


  • Anchor Shot - An attack that has a high chance of making the enemy drop HP Potions, it can also topple if used at the right time
  • Sword Bash - An attack that inflicts huge damage if inflicted from the back
  • Double Spinning Edge - An attack that inflict huge damage if inflicted from the side.
  • Rolling Smash - An attack the inflict Ether damage and reduce Aggro.


Lv. 1 - Starburst - Blast a merciless siren beam through enemies.

  • Lv. 2 - Radiant Slair- Attack hostiles with a light-speed attack.
  • Lv. 3 - Genesis Saber - Pierce enemies with countless light blades created by ether.
  • Lv. 4 - Infinity Blade - Unleash energy and sever the enemy with a sword of light.

Blade arts

Recharge Boost -  Boosts Arts recharge from auto-attack.

  • Critical Up - Increases critical hit rate.
  • Arts Plus - Boosts power of next Driver Art

Battle skills

A Dream of the Future - Can initiate elemental combo at random.

  • The Chosen One - Greatly enhances the Driver's abilities through the power of the Aegis.
  • The Aegis - Greatly enhances the party's abilities through the power of the Aegis.

Field skills


  • Keen Eye
  • Focus


  • HOMURA is a Skell Weapon in Xenoblade Chronicles X.
  • The blue-green core on her chest shares some resemblance to the Lifeholds from Xenoblade Chronicles X.
    • The core on her chest is shared between Mythra and Pyra.
    • This shares some resemblance to the Zohar from Xenogears and Xenosaga.
  • Aegis in Greek mythology means "shield" and is likely based off the shield of the same name used by Greek figures, Pallas Athena and Zeus.
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