Plutons are enemies encountered in the Nintendo Entertainment System game, Kid Icarus. They're cunning ogres and are infamous for stealing Pit's weapons while also being invincible from attack.


Kid Icarus

Plutons are only encountered in the Overworld. They move in unpredictable patterns, jumping high as well as low and fast as well as slow. If Pit comes into contact with one, they steal one of his weapons. Pit can buy the weapon back from the Black Market or earn it again in a Sacred Training Chamber.

Kid Icarus: Uprising

Pluton ARpict

Pluton has been confirmed to one of the many enemies to make a return in the long-awaited Kid Icarus: Uprising. As their old role does, they steal pit's weapons and now powers. However, they are now able to be killed. As a downside, if pit is unable to eliminate the Pluton once it has an item, it will disappear.

Pluton Fly

Pluton Fly

A Pluton Fly as he's seen in Kid Icarus.

Pluton Flies are flying variations of Pluton only seen in Skyworld. Like Plutons, they are invincible and they steal Pit's weapons on contact. Pit can only get them back by buying them off the Black Market or earning them again in a Sacred Training Chamber. The only thing different is their movement pattern, in which they drop down from above and fly back and forth on a horizontal plane once the hit a surface. If Pit arrives on the same plane as them, they charge at Pit, but Pit can dodge them and trick them into flying off the screen.


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