Pluto is an extraterrestrial Robot Master found, reactivated, and used Dr. Wily. He was first seen in Mega Man V as one of the games 8 Robot Master Stardroids.  Pluto was created for jungle combat and equipped with a set of powerful wave-like cutter that release their energy from his claws with devastating effects.  He can also generate shockwaves from his paws using this weapon and fire homing rockets.  Another ability of his is that he can dash rapidly across short distances, being invulnerable to anything while doing so.  This is the ability Mega Man inherits from him, the Break Dash.

Slash Man (both the Robot Master himself and his weapon) is based off the design of Pluto, both during Mega Man 7's design and in canon.


Pluto first fires two shockwaves from his claws then dashes across the screen.  He is invulnerable while dashing, so the player must jump to avoid him.  He will then jump to the top corner opposite Mega Man and fire an indefinite amount of homing rockets.Afterwards he hurls himself at Mega Man and repeats the pattern, either dashing back across the room or firing shockwaves from his paws.

Although Grab Buster is his weakness, it is very hard to hit him as he is constantly moving and all attacks bounce off his shockwaves.  In addition, the Mega Arm does decent damage and can hit him twice (once as the fist is fired out and once as it boomerangs back) if aimed properly.

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