The logo used for Nintendo GameCube games.

Player's Choice is a label placed on Nintendo console video games that have apparently sold well, and thus intend to attract more customers. The yellow label is placed above or beside the traditional console/handheld logo, and the side of the box's console logo is also turned yellow. It was initiated in 1996 for select SNES video games, and has been placed on games released for the Nintendo 64, Game Boy, GameCube and Game Boy Advance.

Player's Choice titles

Nintendo GameCube

Note: The * are part of the Player's Choice as the Best Seller label.

Europe-exclusive Player's Choice titles:

Nintendo 64

Due to the use of a more expensive cartridge-based format, all N64 Player's Choice titles retailed for $39.95[1] in the United States and $49.99[2] in Canada.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Boy


Game Boy Advance


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