Play Action Football is a Game Boy game released exclusively in America in December of 1990. The game is based off of the Nintendo Entertainment System video game NES Play Action Football. The game is an American football game, and is seen through a vertical perspective. The goal of the game is to get a higher score then your opponent. Scores are accumulated by thinking strategically and getting the ball to the field goal at the other side of the field. The opposing team will do all they can to stop you from following through with your goal.


The following are the game's main modes.

  • 1P vs Computer: A standard mode where you compete against a computer player instead of another player.
  • 1P Playoffs: The game's main mode where the goal is to win the Super Bowl. You'll be able to select your team before the competition starts, and it'll take awhile until you compete in the Super Bowl. There is no save system in the game, though you will receive a password if you wish to quit that will let you start from the beginning of the game that you were playing when you quit rather than making you start the entire tournament over.
  • 1P vs 1P: The game's first multiplayer mode where you and another person compete using the link cable.
  • 2P vs Computer: The second multiplayer mode. In this, you and a friend will cooperatively work on the same team and try to take down the computer's team.

When playing against a computer, you'll have to select their difficulty level. There are four difficulty levels in all. This is used in all the modes excluding the first multiplayer mode where you and a friend compete, though it is used in 2P vs computer.


Not all the professional teams are included in the game, but rather just eight of them. The teams include:

The individual players don't have names in the game and are only identified by jersey number.


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