Plasma Scream is Ridley's Final Smash.

Ridley Final Smash SSBU.gif


After letting out a roar, Ridley dashes straight forward. If anyone collides with Ridley during this dash, a cutscene will initiate, where everyone that was hit is sent to outer space and crashes onto Samus's Gunship, which then flies away. Ridley intercepts the Gunship and readies a devastating plasma beam, which destroys the ship in a giant explosion, hurting everyone caught in the fire. If the opponent reaches 100% damage or higher by the end of the Final Smash, they will be instantly KO'd; otherwise, they will be sent towards the ground. Regardless, after the cinematic ends and the characters are returned to the stage, the Gunship can be seen crashing in the background, ablaze.

Though only a maximum of two opponents can be directly affected by the Final Smash in its entirety, the initial dash can hit additional opponents.


  • In Ridley's reveal trailer, he screams just before firing the attack. He doesn't do this in the final game for unknown reasons.
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