Plättchen Twist 'n' Paint is a hybrid between a Puzzle Game and a Shooter that was released on WiiWare in July of 2008. It was developed by Austrian developer Bplus. It costs 1500 Nintendo Points.


Development on the game began in February of 2007, and was intended to be released later that year. However, because the WiiWare launch itself was delayed until May of 2008, they decided to add more content to it and, in the words of the company, make it more appealing to hardcore Nintendo fans.

On about the 20th of June, 2008, the game was fully completed and sent to Nintendo for their approval.

Originally, the DK Bongos from the Donkey Konga series and Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat were one of the game's many different control options, though eventually Nintendo of Japan neglected the idea of allowing the DK Bongos for Wii software, and thus it was put to rest.


  • Apparently, the Nintendo DS video game Meteos served as a heavy influence for the game.
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