The Pitfall is an item in the Animal Crossing and Super Smash Bros. franchises. In Animal Crossing, the only use for a pitfall is to bury it with the shovel and when stepped on, the player or a villager will fall into a pit and have to struggle their way out. They can be found by digging up star shapes in the ground that can be mistaken for fossils or gyroids. In the Super Smash Bros. series, it can be thrown onto the ground or any other surface for a similar effect, but when it hits, it disappears. It can be thrown directly at another fighter and they will be stuck in the first surface they fall on, and if the surface is thin enough, they will fall into the next surface or even out of the stage completely. This opens up an opprotunity to attack your foe. The pitfall also appears as a trophy. They can be sold in Animal Crossing: New Leaf at Re-Tail for 10 bells, however in previous games a disposal fee was needed. There are also Tricky Pitfalls, which appear as a purple sphere and have a yellow exclamation point, and when buried have a smaller and harder to see "star" mark on the ground.

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