Piston Hurricane is a boxer in the Punch Out!! series. The character first appeared in the arcade version of Punch Out!! and would later return in Super Punch Out!! for SNES. He is a 25 years old boxer from Cuba.

Character Description

According to the manual of Super Punch Out!! Piston Hurricane lost his home in a fierce storm, which forced him to live in the streets of Havana. He didn't give up on boxing however, and instead he likely took inspiration from the storm that brutally crushed his home to invent his special technique, the Hurricane Rush.

Between his two appearances Piston Hurricane changed in appearance quite a lot. He was originally depicted with an afro and a large mustache. When he returned for Super Punch Out!! however, he had shaved his hair into a military-style haircut and his mustache had been trimmed down.


Punch Out!!

Piston Hurricane was the second opponent faced in the game, following Glass Joe. He is a rather defensive boxer, not attacking too often. During his signature move Hurricane Rush however, he unleashes a series of quick punches. He jumps back towards the corner then shouts "C'mon!" before rushing towards his opponent and hitting them with alternating high and low punches. He ends the attack with a dangerous uppercut.

Super Punch-Out!!

In his second appearance Piston Hurricane was ranked #1 in the Minor Circuit. He is more aggressive than in his first appearance, but is otherwise fought the same way. His Hurricane Rush returns, with the only real difference being that he growls rather than shouting "C'mon!".

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