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Pirate Man is a Robot Master and one of King's army, designed to resemble a pirate captain. He and Dive Man never get along; they have opposing principles regarding the sea.


The battle will be too difficult to beat Pirate Man without his weakness. Mega Man must avoid the Remote Control Mines and then shoot Pirate Man. Later, Pirate Man will be inside a bubble and can be popped by the Mega Buster, when he's not moving. As he moves, the Wave Burner can pop the bubble. Then, Pirate Man will put the water back up to rise the room with more water. Pirate Man then repeats again.


  • Pirate Man has an eyepatch on the left on his official and CD artwork, while in the mugshot, his eyepatch is on the left.
  • Pirate Man doesn't have the NetNavi counterparts, along with Dynamo Man and Astro Man.
  • Pirate Man is the only aquatic Robot Master that's weak to a fire weapon.
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