Pirate Land is one of the boards in Mario Party 2. In Space Land players are dressed as pirates, and are called Captains.

Board Elements

On the left island, there are Thwomps that block shortcuts. The fee starts at 1 coin but will increase to 1 more than the previous toll with each payment. There's also a door on this island that will cut the trip significantly if the player has a key.

If a player lands on a blue space next to a dock with an arrow, the player takes a ride on Sushi to another dock.

Happening Spaces

If a player lands on a Happening Space, the Pirate Guys will shoot at everybody on the corresponding bridge, sending them back to start

Board Minigames

The item minigame is Roll Out the Barrels. The items are placed in six barrels. These barrels quickly shuffle about. When they finish shuffling, the player chooses one and gains that item. Choosing Baby Bowser or not at all gets the player nothing

The duel minigame is Saber Swipes. The two players must press the sequence above their head faster than their opponent. The first player to correctly press the right sequence wins the duel and their opponents' wagered coins. Finishing the sequences at the same time results in a Draw.


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