Pipsy the Mouse is a lightweight, yellow female mouse and a playable character in Diddy Kong Racing and its Nintendo DS remake, Diddy Kong Racing DS. She is the only female character in the original game (as Dixie and Tiny replace Conker and Banjo in the remake respectively), and is one of the characters to assist Timber in preventing Wizpig from taking over his island.

She drives in pink vehicles, and in Diddy Kong Racing DS, she and the rest of the characters all drive in yellow vehicles by default. Her statistics are tied with Tiptup for best acceleration and handling (and Drumstick on the acceleration part in the DS remake). Her top speed without bananas is 53.5 mph, and her theme instrument is steel drums.


  • Pipsy's design was born out of a canceled game project called Astro Mouse. After the plans to make Astro Mouse a full game fell through, its main character was redesigned by Rare Ltd. artist Kevin Bayliss and included in Diddy Kong Racing as Pipsy.[1]


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