Bird's eye view of the park.

Pinna Park is the amusement park on the island south of Isle Delfino. The main ride is a huge roller coaster. There is also a big Ferris wheel, a Yoshi Go-Round, swinging ships, and much more.

Pinna Park is accessible once you get 10 Shine Sprites. Chase Shadow Mario to Bowser's boat and jump into the cannon.


  • Rollercoaster (Not official name): Used as a ride to fight Mecha Bowser. A white-knuckle attraction featuring one-man cars that career around a twisting track on a single rail.
  • Yoshi Go-Round: A Yoshi is missing from the ride, bring a live one to the spot to enter a special level. A carousel variant as its name suggests; a more sedate ride for the younger Nokis.
  • Ferris Wheel: Electro-Koopas are sleeping on top of this ride causing it to malfunction.
  • Swinging Ships: There are two hard to reach red coins on this ride. The ships are notable for their lack of safety restraints and 360-degree swinging arc (over a shallow pool) in spite of this.
  • Egg Twirl


  • I: Mecha-Bowser Appears!
  • II: The Beach Cannon's Secret
  • III: Red Coins of the Pirate Ships
  • IV: The Wilted Sunflowers
  • V: The Runaway Ferris Wheel
  • VI: The Yoshi-Go-Round's Secret
  • VII: Shadow Mario in the Park
  • VIII: Roller Coaster Balloons
  • IX: Beach Cannon's Secret Red Coins
  • X: Yoshi-Go-Round's Secret Red Coins
  • XI: 100 Coins


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