Pinkle is a Fairy in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. She is Tingle's Fairy assistant, and gives him advice throughout his adventure. She communicates with him through a large Nintendo DS-looking contraption in his house, and the Tingle Tuner when he is traveling. Most of the contact between the two is when Tingle arrives in a new area, and before facing a dungeon boss. Pinkle wears an outfit which appears to be a pink, feminine version of Tingle's.


Pinkle is the daughter of the Grand Fairy of the Fairy Garden. Because of that, she was kidnapped and imprisoned by Uncle Rupee. She has her powers removed and is forced to work for him. If Tingle is able to collect all of the Rupee Goods, he can free Pinkle from her prison located in the Auros Ruins to gain an extra story-related segment where he gains a reward. He also receives some help in the form of added power from the Grand Fairy during his final boss battle which is harnessed in a pink suit that she gives to him.

After Tingle rescues her, she transforms back into her Fairy form and regains her lost powers. She then departs, but not without leaving two clones of herself; one to save his games, and one to keep him company in his house

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