Pilotwings 64 is an aerial sports game and the sequel to the 1991 Super Nintendo Entertainment System video game Pilotwings. The game was released on the Nintendo 64 the day after the console's launch along with Super Mario 64 in 1996.


The game has players choose to play as one of six characters, each with a bird-related name, to play in a variety of air sports and games. Since its initial release, the game has become a cult classic.



In-game cameos

  • In Mt. Rushmore in Little States, Washington's face is replaced with Mario's. If the player shoots Mario's face (or land on it with Cannonball), it will change into Wario
  • Lark’s face has the same similarities to Nester, who has the same facial features. His vehicles were colored with the colors of the Nintendo Power logo.
  • Goose was based off the character of the same name in Top Gun. In keeping with the military theme of the film, all of Goose's vehicles were done in an American flag motif.
  • The largest female was originally called Hooter in the Japanese version, akin to owls, who communicate by hooting. However, as that is a vulgar term for women in the United States, her name was changed to Robin.


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