Pilotwings is a video game released for the SNES on launch day. It is a flight simulator game that requires you to drive multiple different aerial vehicles (such as the Light plane, the rocket belt, and others.).

It is known as one of the first games to use the Super Nintendo's Mode 7 texture mapping graphics mode (other games include F-Zero, Super Mario Kart, multiple RPG's, the original Starfox, and more.).

The stages are set up in different flight areas, where the player must undergo tests of different vehicles. The score of each test would be determined by a combination of factors to include timing, touching targets, and accuracy of landing. Failing to land properly would result in a 0 for the landing portion. The tests would be tallied cumulatively to determine if the player had the necessary points to advance to the next stage. Should the player fail, he would be made to redo the stage. Should the player succeed, he would be awarded a license, with the license number being the password to return to the next stage. The player would be guided by four instructors.

Tony - A young pilot who is one of the hottest aviators around.

Shirley - Also a young pilot, but very experienced in her trade and a patient teacher.

Lance - A mysterious man who speaks fluently in six languages. It was rumored that prior to joining the Flight Club he was an Air Force pilot.

Big Al - The most senior instructor, who peers at the world through aviator sunglasses. He looks tough. But some claim to have seen his tears.

Types of vehicles

There are a total of five vehicles within this game. The following are a list of them, including what each one is able to do.

  • Light Plane - In the light plane event, you must multiple circles and then land on the ground.
  • Rocket Belt - In the rocket belt event, you must complete a specific objective, then land on the landing pad
  • Hang Glider
  • Skydiving
  • Helicopter


A sequel was developed on the Nintendo 64 titled Pilotwings 64. There was a Pilotwings game developed by Factor Five for GameCube in development, but was canceled. It was rumored that a sequel might be released on the Wii, on the account that there was a demo showcased at E3 2006. Nintendo announced at E3 2010 that a sequel for the Nintendo 3DS, entitled Pilotwings Resort.

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