Pikmin Bloom is an mobile app based on the Pikmin series. It is developed by Niantic and Nintendo. The game has players go out in the real world, similarly to Pokémon Go. In the game, the player grows virtual flowers and Pikmin.


The app is an augmented reality game involving exploring the real world. In the game the player (represented by a Mii) controls a group of Pikmin that must be grown by obtaining seedlings. By walking around, the player can grow seeds and obtain fruits (which give dew) from their Pikmin. If the player gives dew to their Pikmin, they will gain seeds, which can be used to plant flowers wherever the player steps for an amount of minutes. Pikmin can only consume a certain amount of dew before they they lose their flower and temporarily cannot consume anymore.

The player may also get expeditions, where Pikmin can be sent to an area to obtain an item, usually a seedling, and bring it back. The expedition is based off of real time and location, so moving closer to the item will make the expedition shorter, and vice versia. Expeditions can also yield postcards.

Important landmarks, represented as PokéStops and Gyms in Pokémon Go, are represented as large flowers. Planting enough flowers near them will cause the large flower to bloom, which will reward the player with an expedition.

There is also a form of Pikmin called Decor Pikmin. These Pikmin can be obtained by growing a large seedling or levelling up a Pikmin's friendship high enough. Decor Pikmin look like regular Pikmin, but wear a certain decoration depending on where they were found. The following is a list of Decor Pikmin.

  • Restaurant: Wear a chef's hat.
  • Café: Wear a coffee mug.
  • Sweetshop: Wear a macaron.
  • Movie theater: Wear some popcorn, and some wear 3D glasses.
  • Pharmacy: Wear toothpaste and either a toothbrush, toothpaste, or floss.
  • Zoo: Wear a flower.
  • Forest: There are two kinds, one which wears a beetle and the other which wears an acorn.
  • Waterside: Wears a fishing lure.
  • Post office: Wears a stamp.
  • Art gallery: Wears a painting.
  • Airport: Wears a plane.
  • Station: Wears a train.
  • Beach: Wears a shell.
  • Hamburger shop: Wears a burger, fries, or drink.
  • Mini-mart: Wears a bottle cap.
  • Supermarket: Wears either a mushroom or a banana.
  • Bakery: Wears a slice of bread.
  • Hair Salon: Wears a comb and/or scissors.
  • Clothing store: Wears a hair tie.
  • Park: Wears some clovers.
  • Roadside: Represents any location not covered by the above area. They wear a button with the first letter or character of the area they were found in.

In addition, there is a special Decor Pikmin, a Blue Pikmin wearing a Mario hat, obtained by linking a Nintendo account. There are also three unused Decor Pikmin: Libraries, who wear book keychains; Pikmin with hair ties; and Pikmin wearing snacks.

At a high enough level, the player can send their Pikmin on challenges to go attack nearby mushrooms.


The app was first announced by both Niantic and Nintendo via Twitter on March 23, 2021. At the same time, the app's official website was set up. Closed beta testing began in Singapore on March 30, 2021.

The game was first released October 26 of the same year in Australia and Southeast Asia, and North America two days later.


Early reviewers likened Pikmin Bloom to a gamified fitness experience, similar to fitness apps that convert daily steps taken into coins and minigames.

Some Android users using Android 11 or 12 at the game's launch reported delayed notifications including SMS messages. Initial reports of the delayed notifications were reported during beta testing. Niantic acknowledged the issues on November 5 and released two updates which minimize the delayed notifications.


  • The mapping features in this game are based on the OpenStreetMap service.