Pikmin 2-e was an e-Reader game that came in two series including Pikmin 2-e Collection Series 1 and Pikmin 2-e Collection Series 2. The games were released exclusively in Japan alongside the release of the Nintendo GameCube game Pikmin 2. In all, there are a total of sixty cards. Because the cards in each package aren't random, collecting all sixty cards won't prove to be a task. In all, there are 12 packs within the two series. In order to play the games, you'll need to have the e-Reader and Game Boy Advance connected to the GameCube. Once you do, the following games are available:

  • Hikkonuki Pikmin: In this game, you are tasked with getting all of the Pikmin stuck in the ground out by plucking them.
  • Tekuteku Pikmin: You'll take control of the Pikmin and get them to the end of the course.
  • Tsunagete Pikmin: You'll alter the positions of platforms to give the Pikmin access to the otherside of the arena.
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