The Pigmaparoid is a boss in Star Fox Assault. It was created when Pigma Dengar was infected by the Aparoids. After this, he had a shattered mind. The Pigmaparoid is fought in the mission The Aparoid Menace, which takes place in the Asteroid Belt and is the fifth mission of the game.

Physical Appearance

Like the Gorgon does in Star Fox 64, the Pigmaparoid resembles a giant ball-shaped monstrosity. It was once a space station, but after they fused, it now has Pigma Dengar's face, complete with his yellow eyes and pig nose. On its rim, the boss has six robotic space crame arms. This allows it to attack. There are also six bomb launchers. These can be identified by their golden colour, and their barrels are rectangular, though their shape does not mean that a cannonball cannot pass through. The cannonballs are red and yellow, which is a warning sign of their tendency to explode.


During the introduction cutscene, Fox McCloud gets a jumpscare when he and his team find that Pigma Dengar has become an Aparoid being.

During the first phase of the battle, the Pigmaparoid uses the six crane arms to hurl asteroids, punch Fox's ship, and fire missiles. These crane arms have their own health bars, which each comprise 10% of the total health bar. Once Fox destroys the crane arms, the Pigmaparoid enters the second phase, where it uses its cannons to attack. These cannons cannot be hit despite their relatively huge size. The boss's weak point is its face, which may close during its hyper beam manoeuvre and whose health comprises 40% of the boss's total stamina. After its attack finishes, the boss becomes stunned for 10 seconds. This allows Fox to attack it. During the outtro that plays after the health bar is reduced to 0, the Pigmaparoid convulses in pain and keels backward. It then screams and fires a pearly white beam outward. Fox McCloud and the Star Fox team then retrieve the Aparoid Core Memory that Pigma stole.

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