Pigma Dengar is a greedy character from the Star Fox series. He made his debut appearance in Star Fox 64.


Pigma is very sadistic and greedy. His one concern is money, which soon cost him his Star Wolf Team membership. Despite his greed, Pigma did have some loyalty to the Star Wolf wing.

Physical Appearance

Pigma is pretty rotund, so do not get shocked by his round belly! Pigma's flesh is coloured pink to reflect him being a literal pig-man. His eyes are yellow-white.

The Original Star Fox Team

Pigma's first ever appearance was in the unreleased Star Fox 2, as part of Wolf's Star Wolf team. after the game was canceled, Pigma made his appearance in Star Fox 64 as part of the original Star Fox Team where he was teamed up with Peppy Hare and James McCloud. He betrayed James and Peppy on the planet Venom, which led to them being captured by Andross. Amazingly, Peppy managed to escape from Andross, and returned to tell Fox McCloud about his father's fate. 

The Original Star Wolf Team

After the introduction of Star Fox 64, Pigma makes his second appearance on Fichina  as part of the Star Wolf team piloting the Wolfen alongside: Wolf O'Donnell, Leon Powalski & Andrew Oikonny. After their defeat, Pigma and his comrades appear on Venom with their more advanced Wolfen II fighters.

Lone Mercenary

After Emperor Andross was defeated, Wolf kicked Pigma out of his team because he knew Pigma would betray him just as the latter did the Star Fox team. (Meanwhile, Andrew Oikonny, fuming over how his uncle died, retired.) Pigma later caught wind of the Aparoid invasion, and set up a trap to capture an Aparoid Memory Core on Katina. After stealing the core from Fox McCloud, Pigma traveled to Fichina and planned to sell the device after destroying the Star Fox team. However, his plans were ruined when the Aparoids infected Pigma, fusing him with with a large mechanical beast. Pigma led a massive army against the Star Fox team at the Asteroid Belt, however he was defeated by Fox, and the Memory Core was retrieved.


Despite his defeat and the eradication of the Aparoids, Pigma survived and wandered the cosmos as a giant cubed monstrosity. When Wolf O'Donnell planned to attack the Anglar home on Venom, Pigma helped him set up a trap to defeat Fox and Falco Lombardi. Despite his efforts, Fox and Falco overcame him, but not before Wolf became a hero by defeating Emperor Anglar and being praised as the Hero of Lylat.

Battle Patterns

Since he pilots a Wolfen, Pigma has more or less the same battle pattern in most games he has appeared in. His Star Fox 2, Star Fox 64, Star Fox 64 3D, and Star Fox Zero appearances have him attack his target (often his old wingmate Peppy Hare) by trailing behind and opening fire. He only uses standard starship lasers.

In Star Fox Command, Pigma attacks by firing missiles. To expose his weak spot, you must put his face back together. Dodge a replica of his old face, though. After you destroy his core, the pink blob, Pigma goes down.

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