The Pig Mask Army is an army led by Porky Minch (Pokey in Mother 2/EarthBound) in Mother 3, whose goal is to rule the universe. The army invades many places, and supposedly responsible for the Drago corruption, and the tragic death of Hinawa and Claus. Porky, however, resurrected Claus to be the Masked Man and general of the Pig Mask Army. The main symbol for the army is a Pig nose, and they have Pig Masks, hence the name. The army has multiple people, some random. The army is eventually defeated by Lucas and company.

Sometimes, members of the Pig Mask Army do not want to fight the party and will even offer helpful advice. It  becomes apparent later in the game that the Pig Masks are just normal people when a Pig Mask in New Pork City tells Lucas that he is Isaac (a resident of Tazmily Village).

Whenever the Pigmasks are featured in a cutscene they are usually accompanied by Porky's theme, which appears countless times in Mother 3.

There are five main types of fighters in the Pig Mask Army: those that wear pink uniforms (simply referred to as Pigmasks), Pigmask Captains that wear blue, Pigmask Majors that wear green, Pigmask Colonels that wear white, and Navy SQUEALs that wear purple and can only be found underwater. The strongest Pigmask is the Fierce Pork Trooper, but he can be defeated easily with the help of DCMC merchandise.

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