Pianta village

A guide map of Pianta Village

Pianta Village is a series of huts built atop a massive plant overhanging a deep pit. A drawbridge connects it to the outside. Under the plant is a labyrinth of catwalks and giant mushrooms. In the center of the village is a massive tree, apparently part of the plant. Surrounding the village on the edge of the plant are smaller trees. Two honeycombs consist in this area: one hanging on the structure from the starting point, and one under the tree near the Chain Chomp's bathtub.


  • I: Chain Chomplets Unchained
  • II: Il Piantissimo's Crazy Climb
  • III: The Goopy Inferno
  • IV: Chain Chomp's Bath
  • V: Secret of the Village Underside
  • VI: Piantas in Need
  • VII: Shadow Mario Runs Wild
  • VIII: Red Coins and the Flower Festival
  • IX: Cool It, Sunshine!
  • X: Village Underside Secret Red Coins
  • XI: 100 Coins

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