Photo Dojo is a DSiWare game released on May 10, 2010. It was free for the first month in North America, but after that it cost 200 Nintendo Points. In this DSiWare game published and developed by Nintendo, the player must take photos of themselves in different positions, such as jumping and punching, to create a character. When they have themselves in all the different positions, they must create different sounds the character says for each action. When the player has a fully developed character, they then have to make a background for them to fight on. The player can keep up to eight characters and eight backgrounds.


  • Left/Right - D-Pad
  • Kick - (A,B,X, or Y)
  • Punch - Right + (A,B,X, or Y)
  • Fireball - Left + (A,B,X, or Y)
  • Special Attack - Down + (A,B,X, or Y)
  • Jump - Up


VS. Mode

You can fight against someone else using one DSi. One player gets to hold to left side of the DS which makes the L button used for attacking and the second player gets to using A, B, X, Y, and R. Player Two's controls are just like Player One's except mirrored. Your goal is to knock the other player out by attacking them. If your HP is to go low enough, you can use a desperation move by tapping the touch screen on your side. A desperation move is a powerful attack that can severe damage your opponents if used correctly.

You can have both players choose the same character.

Single-player mode

You goal is to fight 100 other people one at a time. Some of the other characters will be shrunken down and others can be much bigger. The small ones can only be defeated by kicking and the large ones take longer to kill. If you get 100 people you win, the credits shows up and if it is the first time doing so, you unlcok a new music that you can play during battle.

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