Nintendo DSi Clock: Photo Stand Type is a downloadable DSiWare application released in 2009. The clock features an alarm as well as a scrolling picture frame that chooses pictures from your DSi's memory and displays them along with the time. There are a few things that the player can alter in the software.

The first thing you can alter is the sound of the alarm. In all there are three different sounds that will be emitted when the set time arrives. Next you can determine how long each photo stays on the screen. Photos can be assigned to three different groups, and you can tell the program to only show photos of a certain group. When using the software but not interacting with it, the bottom screen's light will turn off while the top screen's won't. The game costs 200 Nintendo Points and it comes with the Nintendo DSi XL.

Presumably, because the application detects photos captured only by the DSi Camera, if used on a 3DS system, only photos transferred from a DSi (XL) will appear; no pictures taken by a 3DS system will appear.

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