Phog Christoph ​is a recruitable playable character in Xenoblade Chronicles X. He is a Prospector in the private military organization BLADE. He is Frye's younger brother.

Appearance & Personality

Phog is an quirky, quiet man who values his time alone. He is known to frequently space out, or have a foggy head, and can often be forgetful. It is revealed in the Heart-to-Heart, Animal Lover, that he is deathly afraid of cats, saying they do not like him.

He and his older brother, Frye, have a troubled relationship, that started when their father sacrificed his position on the White Whale for someone younger. Frye grew to resent his brother for accepting and understanding their father's decision when he could not, but the two later reconciled their relationship and began to understand each other's stance. It is revealed then that the two still care for one another deeply, and begin to become close once more.

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