Phantasy Star Zero (JP) (stylized as Phantasy Star Ø) sometimes written as Phantasy Star 0, is a Nintendo DS video game by Sonic Team that takes place in the Phantasy Star universe. It is the first in the series to go on the Nintendo DS, and like many in the series it shines online. The game also includes a mode that can be played by a single player.


The game will include a whopping 350 weapons that are divided into 16 separate categories, which include swords, spears, sabers, double sabers, claws, daggers, machine guns, handguns, launchers, rifles, bazookas, wands, magic rods, slicers, shields, and gunslashes, the latter two being new to the series.[1] If you wish you can battle with just your hands, though doing so will prove to be a challenge.


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