Personal Trainer: Walking (JP) (Walk with me!: Do you know your walking routine? in Europe) is a Nintendo DS title that was initially released November of 2008 in Japan, before then being released in the North American and European continents the following summer. The game comes packed with two pedometers and is the first Nintendo DS title to feature Mii support. The game tracks your progress and will record it on Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection in a global effort to travel as far as possible.

Activity Meter

The Activity Meter is the name Nintendo gave to the pedometers that are used with the game. As previously mentioned, two come with the game - one black and one white. Each one is wireless and can track your daily records for a week. To input the information into the Nintendo DS, simply point it towards the handheld and use it as you would a remote control then press the button. If more than two people are playing the game at once, then you can purchase additional Activity Meters at stores that sell the game.

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

Personal Trainer: Walking is one of the few titles under the casual brand that Nintendo has made to utilize Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. In the game, your steps can be recorded on Nitnendo Wi-Fi Connection as to add it to a global Space Journey. The Space Journey records all of the steps taken by players and then combines them so that you can see the distance everyone put together has traveled. One of the goals is to travel the solar system, going to planet to planet.



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