Personal Trainer: Cooking is a title for the Nintendo DS originally released in 2006 in Japan as Cooking Navi and later in 2008 in Anglo-American territories. In Europe and Australia, it is known as Cooking Guide: Can't Decide What To Eat? Whereas many of Nintendo's Touch Generations video games can still be considered games, Personal Trainer: Cooking is generally accepted as just a virtual cookbook - there is absolutely no indication that it is a video game - there is no goal other than to actually prepare your food - though you can't record how good you performed in the title. Nevertheless, it still has that Nintendo quality in it - IGN went as far as to reward the game with an outstanding 9.0/10, praising almost every aspect of it.


Because there is no gameplay in Personal Training, the section will be replaced simply be description. In the title, you'll be given 241 recipes right off the bat - there are four unlockable recipes that can be obtained by preparing various different meals. Each recipe has voice recorded instructions along with pictures, video tutorials, text and a description of the meal you'll soon create. You'll be given information on the recipe - such as where it originated (which can be seen via a map, the name of the country and the country's flag). When you've completed a step of the recipe, then you can either touch the screen to go to the next step or actually use your voice to tell it to do so through the built in Nintendo DS microphone.

Despite the actual title not being a video game, the classic Game & Watch title Chef can be unlocked by using the timer function while preparing a meal. This game would be the most appropriate Game & Watch title for the game seeing that in it you prepare meals. Both game A and game B are available to play, with the latter being more challenging.

You can view the staff credits and how many recipes you've viewed by participating in 20 different recipes. This will also allow you to see on a map where the food originated from.


The track "Welcome to "Bistro Pierre"" (composed by Toshiyuki Sudo) is available with the CD Touch! Generations Soundtrack.

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