Perfect Dark is a Rare developed first person shooter for the Nintendo 64. It follows the GoldenEye 007 gameplay formula. The gamer plays as Joanna Dark, an Agent that works for Daniel Carrington of the Carrington Institute. The game begins with the mission of recovering an artificial intelligent sapient from the DataDyne Corp.

With 21 missions, dozens of cheats to unlock (without the help of button codes), a co-op mode as well as a counter-op mode (player 2 plays the enemy), a shooting range, and many different multi-player features made Perfect Dark one of the more popular games at the time.

Though the N64 version being M-rated and published by Nintendo, Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem was considered to be the first M-rated Nintendo published game.


  • Originally, the core development team from GoldenEye 007 (including Martin Hollis, David Doak, Karl Hilton, Steve Ellis, and Graeme Norgate) was involved with the development of Perfect Dark; however, many of them left Rare later on due to disagreements with the company and established Free Radical Design. As a result, they are not credited in the final release.

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