Penny-Punching Princess is a role-playing brawler for the Nintendo Switch, released by NIS America. The game is about a princess that beats up monsters to gain money and beat the Dragolaons that put her family in debt.


The player beats up enemies in levels to generate money. Maintaining combos increases the amount of money earned. While the enemies are in the break state, the right stick can be used to grind more money out of them. Money can be used to activate special traps to use them or bribe enemies to fight on the player's side for a short bit before disappearing. The player can also use the money to invest in Miracle Powers with have various powerful effects including reviving the player.. The player has two options for characters; the Princess and the zombie girl Isabella. Between levels, the characters level up which give them skill points to improve their stats or abilities



Fitness Boxing received "mixed to average" reviews from critics according to Metacritic with a current Metascore of 63/100.

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