Pelison is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Pelison is a Goron child that can be found at the Southern Mine, located south of Goron City in the Eldin Province of Hyrule. Pelison is the son of Greyson and will follow him to Tarrey Town once the later have been convinced to work for Hudson, the Hylian who started the construction of the city in the Akkala Province. Pelison will open a shop in the town where he will sell the precious minerals found by his father while he was clearing the rock around the peninsula.

Physical appearance

Pelison is a Goron child and shares the looks of other Goron children. He wears a yellow hard had and a teal handkerchief around his neck.

Related quest

  • From the Ground Up: for more detail about his role in the quest check the Tarrey Town page.
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